Ice Melting Threatens Towns

By Ian Snyder, And Jocelyn Rumsey-Hebe

Facts 1-6

1. Why ice is important: The ice has a lot albedo which means it's reflects the sun's rays.

2. When ice keeps getting thinner which is causing them to relocate.

3. With the village right now they have spent up to 100 million to fix it.

4. Storms had made it look different in 2004 because of all the melting ice and the ice makes flood and that changes the way it looks.

5. What is the solution to this Problem: Don't burn fossil fuels, plant more trees and stop deforestation, reduce waste, and finally conserve water.

6. In about ten to twenty years there will be like no ice

Facts 7-12

7. Ice can help tell history because it traps gases, dust and water molecules from millions of years ago and this helps scientists study past climates.

8. Melting ice threatens a town in Alaska by floods.

9. Since the ice is melting from global warming the temperature goes up and the ice melts rapidly.

10. The ice is melting into water which causes rising sea levels.

11. 11 states are threatened by the sea rising from the ice melting.

12. When the floods happen from the ice the land is eroding from the water