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5th Grade News - September 12, 2014

Upcoming Events

MAP Test (Math) Monday, 9/15 at 8:45 a.m.. Please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and eats a healthy breakfast!

Scholastic Book Order - Due Friday, 9/19

Reading Street test, Week 2 - Friday, 9/19

Spelling test, Week 2 - Friday, 9/19

Challenger Field Trip - Thursday, 10/16 (details to follow)

5th Grade Music Concert (downstairs) - Monday, 11/10 @ 7pm


This week, we took the Week 1 test in Reading Street, and overall, students did a nice job :) We also tested on Week 1 spelling words, and did this the "old fashioned way" with pencil and paper :) Your child should bring this home today, along with a slew of literacy work we did during the week. Students will be bringing home a bit more paper work than usual until Haiku is up and running. Thanks for your continued support with this! We were able to get into Spelling City today, and students should be able to access the Week 2 spelling list and activities under the heading "Thunder Rose".

We started on Week 2, which focuses on the essential question: "How does nature challenge us?" We read the Tall Tale "Thunder Rose" and have been practicing our "Sleuth" skills by finding evidence in a non-fiction text about the Norse god, Thor. Literacy skills we'll be focusing on next week are subject and predicate, cause and effect, and homophones. Finally, we finished our "paper blogs" by having each child comment on their classmates' blogs using sticky notes (these are hanging in the 5th grade hallway!)


This week we wrapped up our unit on Number Theory by taking the Unit 1 test. Next week, we'll start Unit 2, which focuses on Estimation and Computation. Please be sure to try X-tra Math each night - I know there have been some technical challenges but more students report success at home so fingers crossed this trend will continue! If you are having consistent difficulty, please send me a brief note with the type of error you are seeing so I can work with our Help Desk to get things resolved.


Our study of Colonial Boston continued this week with students creating characters as part of their "family". Students were asked to complete a simple list biography, and have been sharing their family histories with the class. Check out the picture of the Wright family below! PS, by next week I'm hoping to figure out how to rotate it :)


Please be sure to encourage your child to double check their planner, backpack, etc. for all necessary materials, so they can avoid being "in for lunch". They've done an awesome job charging tablets this week....keep it up!

Stay warm this weekend!

Dana Turk

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