Jupiter and Moons Resort

Price: 1000 Galactic Dollars Per Earth Night

Jupiter and Moons

Aren't they just stunning? With four different habitable moons, you are sure to find the paradise you have been seeking.
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Jupiter is HOT!

It's the #1 Destination in the Solar System!

Jupiter: Facts and Statistics

The distance Jupiter is from the Sun is 778,340,821 km. Jupiter has a diameter of 139,823 km. While Jupiter is quite large , its made up of 74.9% hydrogen and 23.8% helium. while it may not seem like it, Jupiter has 3 rings around it. If that wasnt enough, Jupiter has 67 total moons. The great big red spot you see has been raging for hundreds of years and is 3 times bigger than the Earth. The largest moon Jupiter has is bigger than Mercury. The surface gravity is 24.79 m/s^2, meaning if you weighed 150 pounds here, you would weigh 300 pounds on Jupiter. Of course Jupiter, being farther from the sun, takes 11.86 earth years to be one Jupiter year.

Not Feeling Jupiterian? Europa and Other Moons Will Steal Your Heart

EUROPA! At the top of the surface it doesn't look like much. But come under the surface and find beautiful beaches for surfing and any other tropical leasures you desire. The sea life here was the first discovery of extraterrestrial life in the Solar System. Come satisfy your taste for history and/or taste for fun and relaxation.

Europa: Facts and Statistics

Discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei, Europa is abundant in oxygen. Slightly smaller than Earth's moon, Europa is the 6th largest moon in the Solar System.

  • Surface: Frozen (The Winter Olympics Will Be Here)
  • Ocean Beneath Surface
  • Temperature: -260 Degrees Fahrenheit to -370 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Plentiful Oxygen Atmosphere
  • Length of Day: 3.5 Earth Days

1000 Galactic Dollars Per Earth Night At Any Of These Moons' Resorts


Q. What are Jupiter's biggest moons?

A. the Galilean satellites, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto

Q. What is the giant red spot on the surface?

A. That is Jupiter's storm spot that has been raging for hundreds of years

Q. Is that i ring I see around Jupiter?

A. Indeed, it's actually three rings

Q. Wow, i feel like im already getting sucked into Jupiter, how far does Jupiter's gravity go?

A. It has been felt as far as Saturn.

Q.How was Jupiter named?

A. One of the ancient Earth gods (king of the Roman gods) is what it's named after.

Q.Why does that one moon look like a pizza?

A. Well, Io is a a very volcanic planet

Q. Just how big is Jupiter?

A. The biggest in the Solar System, 1,321.3 Earths can fit inside of Jupiter

Q. So, what's it like on the surface?

A. It is very stormy, cold at first and then hotter as you get closer to the core

Q. What's the core even made of?

A. The core is mostly liquid

Q. How close is Jupiter to being a star?

A. Quite slim, it would need 20x more mass than it has right now.

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