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Hiddenite Elementary News Notes

What GREAT teachers do differently.

For the next few weeks I will be highlighting some key concepts from Todd Whitaker's book What Great Teachers Do Differently. If you ever get a chance to read this book, please do so.

It's Not What You Do, It's How You Do It

"All teachers are aware that the students in their schools have individual needs. Educators need to be equally aware that faculty members also vary in their indivudal abilities and approaches. Whether the arena is classroom management or instructional techniques, effective educators focus on the people, not on the programs. They see programs as solutions only when the programs bring out the best in their teachers. Another example is the debate over praise and rewards for students. Like many issues, its merits cannot be decided by discussion alone. Otherwise, by now we would know whether praising or rewarding students actually motivates them to do better. Some of our best teachers praise and /or reward their students; so do some of our least effective teachers. What matters is not whether they do it, but how appropriately and effectively they do it. "

Upcoming Dates

Monday, September 19th - Day B-3, Orange Day, 3rd grade Parent Night @ 6:00

Tuesday, September 20th -Day B-4, Brown Day, Principals Meeting, Leadership Meeting at 3:20, Pepsi Sale Ends

Wednesday, September 21st - Day A-1, Black Day

Thursday, September 22nd - Day A-2, Pink, Gray, White Day, District PD (AM Class Management/PM MTSS)

Friday, September 23rd - Day A-3, Science Mapping 3/4/5, PTO Dinner and a Movie, Favorite Color, Summer Packet Fun Day

Saturday, September 24th - Hiddenite Celebration

Monday, September 26th - BOY Benchmark Ends, Day A-4, PTO Meeting @5:30 Media Center, Good News Club

Tuesday, September 27th - Day B-1, SST @ 2:30

Wednesday, September 28th - Day B-2, Lighthouse Huddle @ 7:30 am

Thursday, September 29th - Day B-3

Friday, September 30th - Day B-4, Curriculum Meeting @8:45, Duty Free Lunch, School Spirit Day

Monday, October 3rd – Day A-1,

Tuesday, October 4th – Day A-2, Faculty Meeting, Wendy’s Night, SuperHero Awards Day

Wednesday, October 5th – Day A-3, IA meeting @ 2:00

Thursday, October 6th – Day A-4, Bus Breakfast

Friday, October 7th – Day B-1,

Monday, October 10th - Day B-2, Columbus Day, 3-5 1/2 day planning

Tuesday, October 11th - Day B-3, K-2 1/2 day planning, Lighthouse Team Meeting, BOE meeting

Wednesday, October 12th - Day B-4, SST Meeting,

Thursday, October 13th - Day A-1, Counselor/SW meeting @ 1:00, High School French Classroom Presentations

Friday, October 14th - Day A-2, Curriculum Principals Meeting

Monday, October 17th - Day A-3, National Boss Day, Reading Night

Tuesday, October 18th - Day A-4, Principals Meeting, Leadership

Wednesday, October 19th - Day B-1

Thursday, October 20th - Day B-2, School Pictures, Hero's Best, Cookie Dough Kick-Off

Friday, October 21st - Day B-3

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Upcoming PLC Dates

Kindergarten - Thursday, September 20th (11:25-12:05)

1st grade - Monday, September 26th (9:15-9:55)

2nd grade - Tuesday, September 20th (9:55-10:35)

3rd grade - Wednesday, September 21st (12:40-1:20)

4th grade - Friday, September 23rd (10:35-11:15)

5th grade - Thursday, September 22nd (2:20-3:00)


  • Don't forget to complete your STEM activity this month. Please take pictures and email them to Alyssa Miller and myself so we can post them on our website and social media.
  • If you haven't updated your teacher webpage, please do so ASAP. If you need assistance please let me know.
  • Have you forgot about the POuR Forms? Don't forget to send students to the office for Positive Office Referrals. I know there are students who deserve it.
  • All PDPs must be completed and submitted to me for review prior to September 30th. If you have any trouble with the system, please do not wait until the last minute to inform us, these issue some times need time to fix.
  • Observations will begin next week, remember you must complete your self assessment and orientation and mark them both complete in order for us to complete your observation in NCEES.
  • Please remember that someone from each grade level needs to greet students in the hallway each morning. It would also be awesome if you had a student greeter in your classroom each morning as well to welcome students with a smile.
  • Please make sure you have signed up on the Google Doc Brenda sent for your MAP assessments
  • Don't forget to put PLC notes in your PLC folders under your grade level.
  • Leadership concerns should have already been sent to Amy, if you have any other concern or issues, you may also put them in the issue bin located in the office workroom.
  • Remember all funding requests are due by Monday.
  • We are going to need volunteers to help with Dinner and a Movie... If you are available, please let Angie know.

Leader in Me

  • A Special Shout Out to Hannah, Sheila, Jan, and anyone else who helped for all their hard work in decorating the front courtyard. I know it was a team effort and it looks so festive. I am very proud of our entryway.
  • I will be Clearing the Shout Out board on we can start over... I am so proud of how FULL it is!!!!
  • Thank you to Karen and our wonderful cafeteria staff for all their hard work the past two Friday's for Grandparents Days. We fed a LOT of extra people.
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