Cloning: Should it be legal

By Dylan Phelps 5/2/16

Should cloning be legal?

Science has taken a huge step: Cloning. Scientists have been able to clone animals and probably people. Should cloning be legal? Yes. Cloning can help people by: Cloning beloved pets that have passed away, cloning beloved people who have passed away. Cloning could even help us win wars and reduce soldier death totals and possibly reduce casualties. Cloning should be legal for those reasons and possibly more reasons.

Cloning history

Cloning all started back in the UK in 1962. A man by the name of John B Gurdon made the first cloned animal: A frog. After the news was spread Ian Wilmut created Dolly. After these first two cloned animals scientists and regular people have cloned animals like horses, dogs, birds, even extinct animals are beginning to join the party. Though cloning may have changed the world it has caused problems. Texas horse breeder Jason Abraham and veterinarian Gregg Veneklasen sued the Quarter Horse Assn claiming Lynx Melody should be involved in being an official Quarter horse. Lynx Melody was a cloned horse so most likely for that reason she didn't qualify. Though cloning has caused some trouble it can make pet owners happy. A heartwarming story about Bernann McKinney who had a beloved dog named Booger had her pet cloned after it died. When she saw the five baby clones of her dog she was so happy. "Yes, I know you! You know me too!" This is what she said when she was so happy to see the perfect replicas of her lost pet. Cloning is an amazing thing that scientists are trying to master. Human stem cells have been cloned, animals have been cloned, scientists are doing amazing work and for those reasons I believe cloning should be legal.
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The men of cloning

John B Gurdon (Top picture) and Ian Wilmut (Second picture) have been rewarded for their discovery of cloning. The world was changed by these two men when they introduced cloning and now cloning is used for medicine, cloning beloved pets, and cloning extinct animals.

Counter Argument to the other side

Some people in the world may say cloning should not be legal because: Cloning is dangerous, what if clones turn against regular humans. Those are some minor issues that people think could happen but they really cant. Clones can be programmed in a way. I know it sounds like something out of Star Wars or another SciFI movie but its true. Human embryos have been cloned in the past. So technically we can program clones. We can also use cloning to cure people of things like blindness, stroke, etc. According to the Washington post: "Scientists have grown human stem cells from adults using cloning techniques for the first time--bringing them closer to developing patient-specific lines of cells that can be used to treat a whole host of ailments, from heart disease to blindness." Cloning is being used for so much more than the other side thinks. According to USA today scientists are cloning extinct animals "Just 99 years ago the last passenger pigeon died...Today the Revive and Restore (RR) project is working to bring these birds back from the dead. They are even eyeing woolly mammoths." If this project proves successful and they follow through on the project then extinct animals could soon roam the earth again and we could get to see them. Cloning is an amazing thing that is helping the world whether its with cures, reviving dead animals, and proving cloning is safe to do and for these reasons cloning should be legal.