in karati i can keep eye contact with the enemy and i can also do lots of tricks and i can teach people to do tricks but you have to consintrate and learn i moved out of the class cause that was the last belt. so know my friend quintion is a yellow belt so know i can teach him what to do.

tranpolin tricks

my friend quinton and dayton and my 3 brothers and i can do lots of tricks like back flips and front flip but we have 2 tranpolins so the boys on whon tranpolin and the girls on the other so we all have diffrient tricks that we can do so every day after school we go over and practis so we always take are friend to the store and get gaderad so we whont get tired from jumping.


in basket ball you have to pass the ball and keep touch on every body so when you pass you shout the ball into the net .