Moon and Tides

By: Mykenna Russo and Jadyn Lopez


Tide-Change daily in local water level.   There are more  tides in the world like high and low tides,also neap and spring tides . High tides are when a beach is mostly covered by water. Low tides are when waves break farther from the shore. Neap tides are a small difference between high and low tides. Spring tides are higher or lower than high and low tides. Tide's knowledge is useful for surfing because you have to check to see which time a high tide or a low tide will be at.


Moon phases -Full moon , Third moon , First quarter , and New moon .  We have really cool moon phases! For example, a Full moon is when the whole moon is showing. Third quarter is when the light is shining on the left side (waning). First quarter is when the light is shining on the right side (waxing). New moon is when you can not see the moon at all.