NAACP Organization

By: Claudia Munoz, Period 6, 4/10/16

The Begining of the NAACP

  • It was founded in 1909 in New York City
  • The NAACP stands for National Assassination for the Advancement of Color People
  • It was a Civil Rights organization for color people
  • It was form by a group of black and white intellectuals

Expanding and People

  • There are many importation people who help out and represented the NAACP.
  • In 1916 a new secretary James Weldon Johnson.
  • He expanded the organization to the south.
  • He was the first executive secretary in 1920.
  • In that year the organization grew to ninety thousand.
  • Which half of the people were from the south.


  • In 1950 the organization started to campaign for color people.
  • They campaigned for separate but equal rights .
  • The organization would help people in cases for equal rights .
  • Many cases were manly about color people did't have the same rights as white people.
  • They would protest against them not having the same rights.
  • They did many protest for many different rights for color people.
  • This organization fought for many right for color people.