Fernan STEM Academy Weekly Update

Week of 9/19-9/23

No goals are too high where falcons fly. We’re brilliant, kind and strong!

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Upcoming Events

9/20-First PTA Meeting, 3:45, at Fernan

9/24-PTA Carnival, 10-1, at Fernan (see the flyer below!)

9/29-Cross Country Meet at Fernan, 7:30-8:45 am

10/5-Picture Day!

10/6-District Cross Country Meet at the Fairgrounds, after-school from 4:30-6:30

10/7-No School: K-12 Staff Flex Day

10/10-10/14-Book Fair

10/27-Spooky STEM Night

Arrival, Dismissal and Lunch Schedule

Link to Cd'A School District Family Calendar

Link to Cd'A School District Elementary Lunch Menu

More on Fernan seeking STEM certification!

As part of seeking our STEM Certification, our staff decided to look at our motto, vision and mission statements, to see if they reflected our beliefs and practices. We spent some time, prior to the start of school, to collaborate on these three important Fernan statements. We brainstormed, word smithed, and voted, with the following statements as clear winners:

Motto: No goals are too high where falcons fly. We're brilliant, kind, and strong!

Vision Statement: Our Fernan Falcons empower one another to be problem solvers who ask, imagine, plan, create, and grow.

Mission Statement: We build the future by inspiring, engaging, and empowering students to become critical thinking problem solvers who work collaboratively to improve the world around them.

We'd love you to volunteer!

Empowering Parents Grants Available to Idaho Families in Mid-September

The Idaho State Board of Education will begin accepting applications for the Empowering Parents Grant starting in mid-September. Eligible parents can to use grant funds to purchase education-related resources and services such as internet connectivity, computer hardware and software, instructional materials, tutoring and more from the Empowering Parents online marketplace. The program provides $1,000 per student or a maximum of $3,000 per family. K-12 students attending Idaho public or private schools or students who are homeschooled are eligible.

A portal is available on the State Board of Education website where parents can sign up to receive updates on the program. Visit https://boardofed.idaho.gov/empowering-parents-program/.

Student Advisory Committee--Students as Leaders

Your child is invited to apply to be a member of the Cd'A School District Student Advisory Committee. Click on the link fore more information, as well as the application.
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Mrs. Critchfield shares the history of Fernan STEM Academy with third grade students.

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Weekly STEM Activity : Invisible Ink

When life gives you lemons, make a secret message from invisible ink! Mail it to a friend or relative, include tips on how it works, and let them bring the image or note to light.

What You'll Need:

One lemon; cotton swab; sheet of white paper; sun, iron, or lightbulb

What To Do:

1. Squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl and add a spoonful of water. Mix gently. Dip the swab into the liquid and write a message or draw a picture on the paper.

2. Let the liquid dry completely so that the message or picture is invisible. To share your secret, set it in sunlight, or hold close to a lightbulb (with adult help).

3. The message will be revealed! Hang it as artwork or share it with a friend.

How Does It Work?

Diluting or adding water to the lemon juice makes it very hard to see when you apply it to the paper, but lemon juice is an organic substance that oxidizes and turns brown when it's heated up. This means that no one will notice that the secret is there until the paper is heated and the message is revealed! Other substances that work in the same way include orange juice, honey diluted with water, milk, onion juice, and vinegar.