Hoop City Chicago

Abbie Salas

Brief Summary

A boy named Serge who was able to move from Africa , because of how good he was in basketball. he had to leave in family behind and live with other family in Chicago. He starts t going to school and he was automatically on the basketball team . He makes one friend Kyle and fin dout the have stuff in common . One day he was in the drug store and while he was in it . it got robbed and he saw the cashier get shot. From seeing that hes starting to gave nightares from things that happened in africa, it stops him from beig connected iwht another people. WIll he ever find a way to get rid of them ?





Basketball Coach

MIss Grace



Character Analysis for Serge

Trait 1 : Atheltic

Evidence : Basketball

Trait 2 : Traumatized

Evidence : Store robbery briught up nightmares from Africa .


Follow your dreams no matter how hard it is, dont give up.

Important Event

when Serge was at the drug store, guys came in an robbed it . As they were robbing it they held a gun to his head and the cahsier was shot and killed. After the police questioned him about the situation, he started having nightsmare from stuff stuff that had happened in Africa. he couldnt go to school for days and didnt feel like talking to anyone. he doesnt know if he will ever find him self again .


i would recommend this book for boys and girls for them to follow there dreams, and knowing theres gonna be a struggle to make it.