Dietary Guidelines

Chapter 8

What do the Dietary Guidelines do for Americans???

When people say health risk it is meant to have the likelihood of developing health problems and usually its a good idea to reduce your health risks by staying healthy.

A diet is an eating plan that a person goes on which refers everything you eat or drink.

Getting enough nutrients within your calories

The four factor that determine calorie needs are age. gender, activity level and whether a person is trying to gain or lose weight. People should have lots of Nutrient Dense foods which are food that provides high amounts of vitamins and minerals for fewer calories.

How to maintain a healthy weight

A risk factor is a condition that increase your chances of developing a problem. Then leads is health problems that links to too much fat or weight such as - Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart disease, and cancers. Two suggestions for weight loss is energy balance and physical activity

Suggestions for being physically active every day

Being active and having an active lifestyle helps you control your weight, strength organs, increase flexibility and reduce health problems. A teen should have at least 60 minutes of an physical activity. To build physical activy in daily you can follow these:

  1. getting involve in a sport
  2. using a stair than a elevator

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Importance of whole grains ,fruits, vegetables and milk

Milk, vegetables and fruits should provide most calories. They are nutrient -rich, cholesterol free and fights diseases. To include in your diet:

  1. eat fruit instead of sugary dessert
  2. drink fruit or vegetable juice
  3. make whole grain products the star of meals

How to limit fats and cholesterol

The two type of fats that RAISE cholesterol is too much of Trans and Saturated fat leading to heart disease. To control a moderate total fat intake by cutting back on fats, reading and monoring labels with the amount of fats/ cholesterol in foods, drinking low fat dairy products and having minerals.

Be choosy about carbohydrates

In crabs there two types which are starches and sugars. Food with natural sugars are fruits and milk. Foods with added sugar liek candy are in high calories and low in nutrients. You should limit yout sugar intake because it promotes tooth decay and other bad health.

Why reduce sodium and increase potassium

Sodium helps control body fluids but too much could cause high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes such as elderly. Potassium helps counteract sodium effects blood pressure like bananas.

Avoid alcohol !!!!

Teens should avoid alcohol because they can affect or influence their judgement forcing them to lead to accidents and bad decisions. Also it can cause alot of safety and health risks. Heavy drinking can cause misleading actions which goes towards injuries and accidents.

Keep food safe

Having safe food is healthy food for the body and the individual. Which it keeps the body free of diseases and risks.
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