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Community Prayer Groups

This year we will be focusing on neighborhood and school prayer. This is something the Lord has been pressing me on for the last couple of years.

It is no secret that the youth of our nation are under tremendous attack from every direction. As parents, relatives, friends and part of this community, it is imperative that we take a stand to cover the next generation and our community in prayer. I don't know about you, but I can't turn a blind eye and just hope our youth survive. Prayer moves the hand of God.

Are you willing to stand in the gap for the future generation? Many of us will be doing prayer walks through our neighborhoods. It is also a great way to meet neighbors and build community. Some of us will be praying as we see kids on the street or passing by a school. Some will be joining and meeting with "Moms In Prayer" or doing prayer walks at schools. There are so many ways we can be praying for our kids and community.

I have been praying diligently this last year for the Lord to raise up parents throughout the region as intercessors praying on behalf their kids. What is it that the Lord is calling you to do for prayer in our neighborhoods and schools? What groups are you involved with or ideas can be shared or connections made? Please let me know by contacting me about opportunities as well as victories so that connections can be made and others encouraged.

God Bless you all,

Gary DeGennaro

Seek God for the City 2016

Join us as we SEEK GOD FOR Our CITY in 2016!

This prayer guide is designed to unite prayer of biblical hope for the people of your community during the 40 days to Palm Sunday, February 10 to March 20, 2016.

This 64-page prayer guide makes it easy for you to pray rich, biblical prayers for spiritual awakening throughout your city.

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An Encouraging Word Received from Andrew Palau

In response to our last SacramentoPRAYS newsletter, Andrew Palau wrote us saying, “Just the way God has always loved to do things! He will take that which is nothing to do something with it that allows all to see… Only God! Great testimony. Praise the Lord. May God continue to pour out his blessings across Sacramento and all California in 2016!”

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