Industrial Revolution


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How was life before Industrial Revolution?

People worked at fields that most of them didn't owned as farmers. People that lived in the cities were full of money and they were the owners of the fields.

Where did Industrial Revolution start?

It began when the machines started to replace the workers, because they did twice the things the people could do in a day.

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How was life for children in those times?

It was really hard being a child in those times because you were forced to work from five am in the morning until seven in the evening with just one hour for breakfast and one hour for lunch. And the payment was not even acceptable.

Why during Industrial Revolution people moved to the city?

Because in the city there was more working offers than in the fields, and the technological advance amused a lot of farmers.

What is global village?

Is the name that people use to describe the technological advance the we have accomplished through the past of the years, which allows us to talk to people from another cities, countries, even from another continents like we were talking to our neighbors.

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