Emerging Techonologies

By: Bailey Taylor

Sensory Techonology

a. Describe technology and how it works.

b. Describe what need this technology is fulfilling

c. Describe how this technology can be used to help businesses

d. Describe how this technology can be used to help humans

e. Describe the safety concerns of this technology from multiple points of view

f. Your thoughts on the life of the technology (how long will it last- when will it become obsolete?)

g. What is the cost of the technology? (Dollar amount, privacy, social cost, psychological, etc.)

h. Include a “Works Cited” slide with your references for this project

a. Technology is scientifically developed from machinery or devices. it works by sensing and uses the cameras to prevent accidents, and mishaps.

b. This technology is fulfilling the need to not have any car accidents ever again, unless a technological mishap happens.

c. Say for instance if your business involves delivering, or taking cars, it will guarantee no accidents, in which no money is lost by the order.

d. it can help keep humans safe, by not having car accidents.

e. if there is a technological mishaps, it could result in a car accident, by technologies fault.

f. Technology is always be in use, in the present and future.

g. This type of technology is very expensive, but as the years go by, this will become more common, which will make it less expensive.

h. “Emerging Technologies.” . Computer World, 4 March 2013. Web. 2 Feburary 2014.