Trinity Pruetts biography

About me

My name is Trinity Pruett. I go to bridle ridge for school. I am a 6th grader. I have 1 sister she will be 9 months the 13th of september, and her name is teagan. I also have 1 brother that i kinda my half brother his name is tyler and he is 7 years old, and i have 1 other brother his name is Shelden and he is 6 years old

My Family

My  dads girlfriends name is tambee, and my dads name is todd. My moms name is  shawna, and i also love all of them very much. At my moms house i have 6 pets. I have a fish her name is princess. I have 2 cats 1 of there names is midnight, my other cats name is garfeild. I also have 2 dogs 1 of there names is  foxy, and my other dogs name is molly. My real brother that lives with me also has a mouse, and that counts as the 6 animals love them all very much. At my dads house i have 1 pet and that is it, the 1 pet that i have at my dads house is a fish and its name is teddy.

More Info About Me

I live with my mom, and i go to my dads every other weekend. At my dads house i have lots of fun. At my moms house i have a teatherball. and it is concreted in the ground so it will never come loose. My mom and my dad are divorsed. They got divorsed when i was 5. I still love them both the same.

The Sports That I Have Played.

Now i am going to tell you what sports i play. I was in dance when i was 1 and quit when i was 6. I started Soccer when i Was 5 , and so i played dance and soccer at the same time. Then i quit soccer when i was 10.  Then i started playing softball When I was 10 and i still play softball. I love playing sports they are very very fun.

What I Look Like

Now I am going to tell you what I look like. I have dirty blond hair, I have blue eyes, and i dress very fancy. But sometimes i am dressed like a cowgirl. My mom was raised on a farm so she is kinda used to dressing like a cowgirl, and so that is why sometimes i dress like a cowgirl.

The Favorite Things I Love To Do

My favorite thing to do is to go shopping at the mall with my friends. I especially like going shopping when it is blackout day and that is when you crab things off the shelf really quick when it is blackout time and everything that you get off the shelves is for free, but that is only at blackout time.

The End

That is the whole story about me i hope u like it, and thank u for reading it see You in a bit by.