Unites Arab Emirates

GDP-purchasing power~ 269.8 billion

(World rank)~50

Real Growth Rate~4%

(World Rank)~81

GDP per Capita~ 29,900

(World Rank)~48



GDP/Sector- Service~38.2%


GDP-purchasing power~ 4.45 billion

(World rank)~ 174

Real Growth Rate~3%

(World Rank)~ 116

GDP per Capita~ 4,900

(World Rank)~161



GDP/Sector- Service~70.2%

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Question 1:

You would not have known that Greece was going through an economic crisis because there GDP was still over 300 million and their GDP per Capita was around 30,000. Based on this information, you would not have known that Greece was going through a economic collapse. These statistics were highly ranked compared to many other countries but their GDP did significantly decrease from the previous years.

Question 2:

The United Arab Emirates seems like a much more richer country then Fiji. My research supports this because it shows that the United Arab Emirates is ranked higher and has more purchasing power. The "world rank" may hurt Fiji because for purchasing power Fiji is not a big country and will not have that much purchasing power. Also there are many things that are not counted in GDP which could cause Fiji to have a low rank.

Question 3:

Many rich countries may pay more towards a certain sector. Like for instance a rich country like the United Arab Emirates pay a lot of money for the industries because they have many cities and they want to keep those cities alive. Poorer countries such as Fiji will use less money for industries because they do not have that many and put more money towards services to the citizens.

Question 4:

The United States is a very high ranked GDP and has much more purchasing power. Even though the United Arab Emirates has one of the biggest and richest cities in the world, the United States spends a lot of money on industry also.
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