Wildcat Wire

Week of August 30, 2021

More new faces at RCS

The Wildcat family added three more new faces this fall including two new kitchen staff and one new paraprofessional. Make sure you give them a warm Wildcat welcome! Check out their bios below.

RCS partners with NICC to create Career Pathways

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Jessica Reis, NICC representative, helps junior, Madison Mauer, in coordinating her NICC classes for this year. RCS and NICC have formed a partnership to encourage students to begin their college experience while still attending high school. Through this partnership, we have developed the Wildcat Pathway which is unique to our school. Our desire is to offer students a way to graduate with a high school diploma, college credits for transfer, and/or a college certificate. There are 14 students who are taking online classes while five Riceville seniors start off their day taking classes at the Calmar Campus. We are also offering seven concurrent classes where students receive high school and college credit. This is the first year of our pathway program and we hope to see numbers increase in the coming years.
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Principal Squared

Associate Principal Marcia Grimm and PK-12 Principal Heather Suckow