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By: Nathaniel O'Diear and Connor Campbell

Hello and welcome back to Wren High School!

With the end of summer, high school begins and so do the various responsibilities that come with it, but don’t let that discourage you because there are plenty of good things to think about as school begins!

One of the most exciting things about coming back to school is seeing your friends and participating in sports and other activities. High school is an exciting time of our lives as we learn and grow the most in these four years. This year will be especially important to the class of 2016 as they graduate and go out into the world. The class of 2020 will also be starting an exciting new part of their lives as they have the opportunity to start high school positively and join the various teams and activities Wren has to offer.

While the school year begins, so do sports and other extracurricular activities. Now is the perfect time to join and be a part of something while you have the chance! School is not always easy or fun, but it is the perfect time to grow and make the most of what you have. Make positive goals for yourself and then go beyond that. Don’t let your dreams be dreams; make them a reality! Throughout your years at high school, make positive decisions, work hard, and you will have a high school experience to remember.

The most important thing to remember is to stay safe and have a good school year while living out your dreams. Just do it!


By: Brooke Blackston and Madison McCurry

We’re all ready for the 2015-2016 school year, let’s see what some of our students have to say.

Clay Morris:

What grade are you in this year? “I’m in 12th grade this year.”

What is your favorite class? “CTC with Mr. Boone. He understands what we’re going through as seniors. He strives to make a connection with each of his students. He is also very intelligent and speaks to us like the young adults we are and I appreciate that.”

Are you optimistic about this year? “Yes, because this is my senior year. I have very high expectations not only for myself but for my graduating class. I want Wren High School to remember the class of 2016.”

What are your goals this year? “I would like the raise my GPA, exempt as many exams as possible, and figure out the direction my life is going post high school.

How does it feel to be in 12th grade this year? “It feels like I just crossed the first finish line of my life. It’s very refreshing to know that I’m crossing the threshold into adulthood.

Karli Morris

What grade are you in this year? “I’m in 11th grade.”

What is your favorite class? “My favorite class would have to be late arrival! I’m just kidding. My favorite class is Music Appreciation because Mr. Hamlett is really funny and makes music fun and easy to understand.”

Are you optimistic about this year? “Yes, I have some hard classes but I think I’ll be able to fight through them and make it a good year.”

What are your goals this year? “My goals this year are to do better at volleyball. I also want to finish with all A’s. But most of all I really want to get involved with after school programs this year.”

How does it feel to be in 11th grade this year? “I’m pretty excited to be a junior. I’m definitely ecstatic to be one year closer to being a senior and pursuing my dreams to be a psychologist.

Tristan Nichols

What grade are you in this year? “10th grade.”

What is your favorite class? “Spanish with Mrs. Simmons. She has very fun lessons and helps me learn the language. I think its very cool Wren offers Spanish because it is a good skill to have to be bilingual.”

Are you optimistic about this year? “Yes, I’m looking forward to it because I have good classes.”

What are your goals this year? “To get better at volleyball and do well in all of my classes so I can hurry and finish high school.”

How does it feel to be in 10th grade this year? “I’m very excited for it because I’m one year closer to finishing high school and starting my life but I’m also sad because I love playing volleyball for Wren.”

Kimber Moser

What grade are you in this year? “I’m in 9th grade.”

What is your favorite class? “My favorite class is Mrs. Wineke’s because of her enthusiasm and how excited she always is in her class. My other favorite class is Mr. Burris’s class because he never fails to make learning fun.”

Are you optimistic about this year? “Yes because I have faith in myself and my teachers and I really want to pass. 9th grade is not all its cracked up to be.”

What are your goals this year? “Improve myself in all subjects and get the credits I need to pass.”

How does it feel to be in 9th grade this year? “It feels like a fresh start, like I can breathe again because I know what to expect.”


By: Jensen Barker and Kayla Mason

A great friend, hard worker, and amazing athlete. This is Kelsey Edelman. She is a senior here at Wren High school and a part of the girls’ tennis team. She is very excited for the season to come, but sad to see her time here as a Wren Hurricane is coming to an end. She says, “Being a senior is sad and exciting at the same time. I will definitely miss all the girls and Coach Truesdale, but I’m excited to see how they all grow in the seasons to come.”

She has high expectations, not only for herself, but for the whole team. Each year the tennis team works extremely hard, but they fall slightly short of the playoffs. One of Kelsey’s major goals for the team before she leaves is to make the playoffs and potentially win the championship. “I hope we work hard enough to make playoffs this year. In the past few years we’ve come so close to making it so I hope this is our year.”

Her family has played a huge role in her tennis career, as well as her role models. Kelsey started off playing tennis at a very young age with her family, but didn’t get serious about it until freshman year. She took inspiration from her brother, who also played for Wren. “I thought tennis would be a great way to meet new people and to have a lot of fun as well.” She also takes inspiration from her two favorite professional tennis players, Roger Federer and Novak Diokovic. “The two are always so much fun to watch and they both have the best attitudes on and off the court.”

Her biggest accomplishment didn’t come without some draw backs. She has come quite a long way since she started playing tennis. Kelsey started from the very bottom of the team to making a huge breakthrough. “Since I’ve been on the team, I’ve just been climbing the ladder. I started off not playing any matches my freshman year to playing number two singles matches my junior and senior year,” she replied. But this didn’t just happen overnight. She had to work extremely hard, not just physically, but also mentally. Kelsey said that one of her biggest weaknesses was trying to conquer the mental aspect of the game. “If I have the right mind set and remember to stay positive, the outcome will be much better than if I talk myself down.”

The Wren Hurricane team will always hold a special place in her heart. The thing Kelsey will miss the most about being a hurricane is all the great relationships she made with the girls. “I am so grateful for everyone on the team. We are not only teammates, but great friends. I even met one of my best friends on the team.”

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Kelsey Edelman (left) with Cali Morella, her friend and teammate


By: Mackenzie Simmons and Brianna Spearman

Senior and varsity cheerleader Kennedy Bruce has been cheering for Wren High for six years. his year Kennedy got rewarded for all she has done by being named one of the varsity captains. We caught up with her to talk about the daily struggles of a cheerleader.

One of her expectations for the 2015-2016 varsity cheerleaders is for everyone to give 110% and for the competition team to make it to state. In order for them to make it to state, Kennedy says, “Everyone has to work together and want it in order for them to qualify for state.” On Friday nights in order to keep the fans and team pumped up she tells the team to stay hyped up and cheer loud with a smile on their face.

Since this is Kennedy’s last year cheering, she says it is very bitter sweet and sad, but she loves getting to do it with her best friends. She says she is going to try her hardest to make it a year to remember, not just for her, but for the rest of the team, too. One thing we talked to Kennedy about was the stereotypes for cheerleaders, not just at Wren, but everywhere. Two stereotypes that she talked about cheerleaders facing were being stuck up and too perky. “Being stuck up is false," she said. "We are actually really nice, but nobody takes the time to actually see what we are like. Being perky is our job--we are cheerleaders. It’s what we try out for.”

We hope hearing from Kennedy inspires people who want to cheer to tryout. Regardless of the stereotypes it’s more than what it seems. If you want to see the cheerleaders do their other job, other than supporting the football team, come support them at a competition on Saturdays starting in October. :)

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The WHS cheerleaders; Kennedy Bruce--middle row, second from left


By Reesie Singleton and Austin Emory

Starting the 2015-2016 year/ season, Coach Jeff Tate has high expectations. “Win every game in every sport." As the athletic director at Wren High School, Coach Tate oversees all sports, along with coaching the football team every Friday night. We talked with Coach Tate and multiple athletes to get their perspective for the upcoming season.

Jeff Tate, head coach, has a record of 63-35. We asked Coach Tate what the goal was for this season. His response: “Win state." Coach Tate says the toughest competition this season is Seneca and BHP; however, he’s not worried about losing to any team.

Senior wide receiver Bailey Rogers says his goal for this season is to bond together as a team. Junior kicker Daniel Wallace says Coach Tate is a good guy and an even better coach. Wallace says, "Coach pushes me to do better every day at practice so I can do better on Friday nights." Cheerleaders Brianna Spearman and Mackenzie Simmons said, “We can hear Coach Tate pushing the football team each Friday night and always encouraging them to not give up.”

Wren is currently 2-2 with a big game against Seneca this weekend. Come out and support your Hurricane football team all season long.

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Picture by Austin Bagwell


between Jacob Blackstock and Charlie Chastain

Jacob: How has your high school ROTC experience been?

Charlie: Coming into high school I was really shy, but after joining ROTC I became more outgoing.

Jacob: What are your expectations for the rookies in ROTC this year?
Charlie: For the rookies? I hope they get involved.

Jacob: How so?
Charlie: I hope they join one of our multitude of teams.

Jacob: What is your plan for improving the team?
Charlie: We would like increase participation in our afterschool teams such as our drill team, and make sure our cadets are learning how to march correctly. We would like to increase overall enthusiasm in new cadets.

Jacob: The band can definitely hear the enthusiasm already from across the field. Our First Lieutenant, Krissy Matthews, commented on how loud the ROTC can be while marching.

Jacob: ROTC cadets can often be seen running around in formation; how difficult would you say PT is?

Charlie: On the drill team, it’s very rigorous, but if you’re in the ROTC class in school, it’s still very hard, but not as hard as the drill team. We’re expected to push you when in PT, but we won’t kill you (laughs).


by Brady Kluge, Wren High School Class of 2014

Dear Wren High School family,

If you are a student, you are probably well on your way to having your career path planned out. I imagine that most of you are planning on attending further education. If you are, let me give you some “Oh so gracious” advice. I’m going to provide you with a list of “freshmen tips” for your first year of college. Some of these will be common sense and some will be advice that I have learned throughout my freshman year of college.

Day One: Move-in Day

Tip #1: Arrive to the dorm room before your roommate. This is necessary to assert your dominance and proclaim the better side of the room as your side of the room.

Tip #2: Purchase some form of bed cushion (I like the 2” deep memory foam). It would be utter cruelty to sleep on the typical college mattress provided, without cushion.

Tip #3: Before check-in, make sure that your financial situation is handled. Most colleges will not give you a dorm key until you have that taken care of. Going to the financial aid office on check-in day is suicide.

Tip #4: Let your parents help you move in. Let your mom cry and your dad introduce himself to everyone in your dorm. Let them embarrass you. Leaving you is harder than leaving them.

Essential Items:

Tip #5: All college students with a “.edu” email address are offered a free six month Amazon Prime membership. This is extremely helpful for buying books and necessities because most items get free two-day shipping.

Tip #6: Don’t forget to purchase surge protectors. You will need plenty of outlets for all of the electronic devices and most dorm rooms only have 4 outlets.

Tip #7: It is important to bring some sort of “stomach settler.” Let’s just say the cafeteria food is not as great as Momma’s home cooking.

Tip #8: Buy a coffee maker. If you are like me, everyday is a Monday without coffee.

Tip #9: Don’t forget that you will also need toiletries. They’re easy to forget when you’re used to having your parents providing them.

Day Two and Forward: Do’s and Don’ts

Tip #10: Don’t worry about dressing up for the first day of school. This will identify you as a freshman. It is perfectly fine to wear sweats. Note: If you go to North Greenville University, it is also acceptable to wear no shoes.

Tip #11: Don’t wear your I.D. around your neck with a lanyard. Also, don’t listen to the upperclassmen if they tell you “it’s required.”

Tip #12: Do not skip classes. Even if the professor does not take attendance, DO NOT SKIP CLASSES. You are most likely paying over $20,000 for your education, you might as well get it.

Tip #13: Do not expect college to be easy. It is rigorous. I spend over 16 hours a week just studying (not including homework).

Tip #14: Maintain your GPA. Do not lose your scholarships. Unless of course, you have an extra twenty grand to spend.

Tip #15: Call your mother and father. They are proud of you and want to hear your stories of college.

These are just some of the things that I have learned throughout my freshman year of college. I am currently a sophomore pre-medical student at North Greenville University as a Biology major. I encourage all of you to make the most out of your time in high school. It is the time that you will miss. I know I do. Success is not easy, but it is attainable. Go Hurricanes!

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Brady Kluge, WHS Class of 2014


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