All About Compost!

By: Millie & Aditi

Learn all about compost!

  • The product of composting is rich soil that can be used for planting many things such as plants, vegetables and fruit.
  • Some things we put in a compost bin are banana peels, apple cores, egg shells, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, orange peels, watermelon rind, strawberries, fish, and dairy.
  • Some greens that we put in a compost bin are grass clippings, vegetable scraps, weeds, coffee grounds, manure, and green plant cuttings.
  • Some browns we put in a compost bin are leaves, hay, shredded paper, wood chips, and cardboard.
  • The temperature in a compost bin changes from the microorganisms moving around causing heat in the bin.
  • Some things to avoid putting in the compost bin are plastic, milk cartons, napkins, metal cans, glass, paper plates, and silverware.
  • Water is necessary in the compost bin because it needs to be hydrated to help plant growth.
  • A decomposer is a living thing that breaks down the remains of other living things. for example, worms and small insects help break down the organic matter in the bin.
  • The benefits of having a compost bin is that you can grow plants and vegetables, and you can make your own rich and fresh soil from things you have in your household.
  1. Compost is used so the earth doesn't have waste laying around.
  2. Compost improves soil, saves money, and adds nutrients.
  3. Over 60% of what we put in our landfills is organic waste which could be used for a compost bin.
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