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March Newsletter

Steve's Message about concluding the 2014 performance management cycle

Tuesday, the 3rd of March, saw the penultimate step in 2014’s performance cycle and I would rate is as the best in my four years at Capco.

Before saying anything else I would like to recognise Amy, Jo and the whole HC team who have worked tirelessly for the past 10 weeks to drive the logistics and to ensure we are firm, fair and rigorous across the firm.

At every step from the account RTs in Jan, the domain RTs and reviews in Feb and through to the promotion RT in March the preparation, diligence and behaviours have been outstanding.

Every level of ‘manager’ within the firm has taken seriously their responsibilities to understand their team’s performance and to represent that in a mature, balanced and constructive fashion.

Of course, we are talking here about people measuring people and so it is never going to be a perfect science: what I do know is that we take doing this right more seriously, and invest more time in this process, than any other firm I have worked for.

I have also recently heard some great feedback on our process from new joiners from Deloitte who have commented on how much better is our process.

The bottom line is that we have worked hard to get this right, and every rating, every decision has been kicked pretty hard by at least one member of the partner team, and one of the HC team.

If, however, you are unhappy with your year-end ratings and messages, my advice is as-follows.

First, seek to really understand the feedback behind the messages you’re getting: what could you have done differently? If you look at the performance framework, where do you think you really stand?

Second, talk to people: talk to your manager, your account DL, your account Partner, your coach and, if we can help, to any of the Consultant Leadership Team.

Some of the greatest success stories I have seen in my 4 years in the firm have been born from people taking tough messages, really seeking to understand them, working very hard to address those gaps and, in doing so, really taking their performance to the next level.

We are here to support you all on that journey.

In other news, the CLT is working on this year’s calendar of events and, as always, we are looking for your thoughts and input on what would be valuable for you in 2015.

On another note, as you heard from Vinni at the Townhall, we are looking again at key topics on the engagement agenda, including Coaching, Recognition, Feedback and Celebration, and I’m looking forward to working with many of you on these topics during 2015.

If there is something that you heard about where you want to get involved, now is the time to put-up your hand!

PS for those of you who attended the session in January, did you figure-out your WHY…?

Lets talk training!

A few upcoming training courses that are relevant for all consultants -

20th March - Target Operating Model

23rd - 25th March - Consulting 101

26th - 27th March - Agile 101

1st April - Lean Six Sigma

7th April - Intro to Business Analysis (CW)

15th-16th April - Project Management 101

To sign up for these courses - log on to CapInTouch or sign up through Capco SkillPort

Other interesting events round the corner..

19th March (Tonight) - UK Promotion and Performance Management Drinks @ Canvas Bar, 235 Old Street - from 6PM onwards

And last but not the least,

7th May, 2015 - Consultant Community Q2 Event - be there!!