Knutson/ Marquardt- Hour 4

Hydroelectric Energy

Where is Hydroelectric energy found?

Hydroelectric energy is harnessed anywhere where there is moving water.

How is Hydroelectric energy formed?

Hydroelectric energy can be harnessed when hydroelectric power plants (dams) are built.
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The Three Gorges Dam is one of the top 10 biggest dams in the world located in Hubei Province in China producing over 18,000 megawatts of electricity.

How is Hydroelectric energy used?

Hydroelectric energy is used to create electricity. Electricity is created when moving water spins a generator.
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This diagram shows how water is turned into hydro-power when it goes through the generator.

What are some cool facts or statistics about Hydroelectric energy?

Hydro-power is the main source of energy in more than 30 countries. Hydro-power also provides 20% of the world's electricity.

What is one innovative alternative energy form of hydroelectric energy that you found?

Tidal power is a form of hydroelectric energy that can be captured from tidal waves and converted into energy.
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This tidal power generation system captures the energy from moving waves under water.

Kendra Knutson and Lauren Marquardt - Hour 4

Energy 101: Hydropower
This video talks about different types of hydroelectric energy collectors and how they function.