Friday Focus

St. George Episcopal Lower School

We are really getting into the swing!

Our parent orientations are over and were all beautifully executed. All of the students seem to be settling into the rhythm of school. I still see only smiling faces from children and parents. That is a testament to each of you. Enjoy your 3-day weekend; you all deserve it!

Looking Forward

September 8-11, 2015

  • MONDAY - Labor Day holiday
  • TUESDAY - 1st grade Lunch Bunch, PTO general mtg.
  • WEDNESDAY - Cathy Cummin's Explicit Phonics parent workshop at 8:30 in St. John, 2nd grade Lunch Bunch, Happy Birthday Doug!
  • THURSDAY - Yvonne off campus
  • FRIDAY - Spirit Day, Yvonne off campus

Upcoming Dates

September 14 - Team leader mtg. @ 7:30 in board room

September 15 - 3rd grade Lunch Bunch

September 16 - 3:30 Faculty mtg. in St. John room

September 17 - 4th grade Lunch Bunch

September 18 - Howdy Dance from 5:30 - 7:30 PM

September 22 - Individual pictures, 5th grade Lunch Bunch

September 23 - Individual pictures

September 24 - Individual pictures, Author visit for 4th-6th grades

September 25 - End of the first 6 weeks


  • Please send me your ideas for school wide projects or themes. We will be discussing and choosing on at our first faculty meeting on September 16. Choose to exercise your voice!!!
  • Subject specific overviews for 1st Six Weeks were due by Sept. 1.
  • Lesson plans to me by Monday. (If you have not been sending these, I need lesson plans from the beginning of the school year also. If you need help sending them electronically, please let me know.)
  • Please make sure you are posting your plans on RenWeb. Parents are looking for them.
  • Keep doors locked please.

Some of the Great Things I Saw This Week:

  • Chapel behavior is great! Thank you all for continuing to make this our new normal!
  • Second, third, fourth and fifth grade orientations were very well received. I know a lot of work goes into preparing these presentations and it is very much appreciated.
  • Daniel Foreman is really doing a great job of connecting with the kids in his homilies. His talks are getting better and better. Several of you have mentioned how much you are enjoying them.
  • We have had some very difficult placement issues this week. I want to thank Susann, Lea, Becky, Teri, and Arlene for working so hard and taking all the extra time to put each child's best interests at the forefront. I am confident that our decisions are the very best for each student, and that confidence comes from relying on each of you and your professionalism and knowledge.
  • Fred also dealt with a sticky situation with patience and grace. His handling of the matter meant I never needed to get involved.
  • Thank you for getting grading policies and yearlong overviews to me on time.
  • I am also seeing many of you beginning to schedule and take part in some tougher conferences. Thank you all for caring about each and every child so much.

Ideas that have been sent in as possible lower school-wide activities to foster creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills

We will discuss these options and any others you may have at our first faculty meeting on Wed., Sept. 16. Please look over these ideas below and be ready to discuss. You can click on each to get more information. My goal is to choose one on that day and begin planning for the event/learning to take place this spring.

I had a chance to observe the specialists and wanted to report what I saw ....

One last bit of sunshine!