Proficiency Scales

A tutorial to using scales on an HRS campus

Proficiency Scales

In the levels of High Reliability Schools, proficiency scales typically fall into level 3 as campuses and districts determine what a guaranteed and viable curriculum is. However, it can also play a role in level 2 as part of effective teaching, especially since scales are included in the Art and Science framework in Element 1.

Because of that, proficiency scales are an important endeavor. We want you to use this as something to guide your campus in the consideration and creation of scales. These videos could be viewed individually and discussed during a PLC, viewed during a PLC or utilized in a campus-wide faculty meeting. The videos themselves are anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. We have included the links to documents and materials you will need during Part 2.

A Quick Overview of Proficiency Scales

Purpose: The Why of Developing Scales

Create: The What and How of Scale Development

Our Scale for Learning

You'll use this scale to assess where you are in terms of knowledge of proficiency scales.

Brainstorming Template

You'll use this template in Part 2 as you learn the steps to creating proficiency scales.

Scale Template

You'll need this template as you continue to work through Part 2 of the tutorial.

Reflect: Differentiate between Learning Goals and Activities

Additional Resources

The Power of Proficiency Scales

5 Texas teachers share why they think proficiency scales are valuable.

Proficiency Scale Bank

These scales may not be aligned to TEKS, but they do provide a resource and example as you create your own.