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a weekly newsletter for students and families - Vol V (5)

AGAPE staff have a message for students - click the video below!!!

Week 5

Welcome to week 5 of the AGAPE Times newsletter!! We've got a lot of good stuff in here this week so check it out and click the links! Keep up the great work and keep communicating with your teachers!

Though we are now going to be apart for the remainder of the school year, we are still the same strong, caring AGAPE family; always there for each other! Please check out the links in this newsletter and reach out if you are in need - we care about you all! Mrs. Weir is available via phone @ 651-335-9145 or email at anytime. All staff are always on the AGAPE Student/Staff Schoology group and are available via email or even a face to face chat on Google Meet! Stay healthy and safe!

Distance Learning Survey

Students/Families: Please complete this survey so that we can make AGAPE's Distance Learning the best it can be!

Thank you Aye Myint for sharing your beautiful poem- and to Maddi for sending it in to us!

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The Flower I saw Yesterday - an original poem by Aye Myint

Let me tell you about the

flower I saw bloom yesterday,

Mother Nature let in thin fresh air

The Green leaves, that calming feeling,

Breezing light rain that makes the

bird sing,

Its beauty blooms through thin air,

As I was walking away,

Happy feelings,

What a good old day,

Nature is green,

green as it could ever be.

May 10th - May 15th AGAPE Student of the Week was.......


This week would like to celebrate Maritza G. as Student of the Week. Although Maritza is new to Agape High School starting 3rd Quarter, it is as if she has always been a part of our community. Mariza is goal oriented and focused on her academic success. She has adapted to distance learning and is even taking Mr. B's college Art class through this new virtual platform of learning. She is kindhearted, encouraging and friendly to all of her classmates. She maintains a pleasant demeanor even though she is juggling parenting an active child like so many of our students during this pandemic. Her husband serves in the military and will be deployed soon which will take him away from his family for a long period of time yet Maritza is actively planning her future as a college student to fulfill her dreams. Maritza you are a wonderful addition the our Agape Community. Congratulations on being student of the week!

Congratulations to our student of the week, Maritza!!!

Congratulations to Vangmee on the birth of her baby boy August T. Phang on April 29th! He was 6lbs, 11oz and 20.5 inches long!

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Babies and Distance Learning

Parenting and doing your school work during a pandemic is hard, especially if you don't have a lot of help at home or if baby is in a "mommy-only" phase. Here are a few ideas from our AGAPE Schoology Group that students and staff have submitted!

  • Take advantage of nap time, meal times, after baby is asleep, etc!
  • Do a little at a time, at different times, every day.
  • EMAIL YOUR TEACHERS! We are all here to support each other. If you are having a hard time with your assignments, reach out and tell your teacher.
  • Read your schoolwork out loud to your baby.
  • Make a routine and stick to it! Treat yourself!!
  • Be patient with yourself and give yourself some GRACE - we are all doing the best we can.
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The Hula-Hoopin' Queen read by Oprah Winfrey
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Complete the 2020 Census

The Census is IMPORTANT - please click this link to enter your family's information!

Latest SPPS Meals Information

Click this link to sign up for meal delivery - yes, even if you live out of the SPPS district!

Emergency Housing Resources

  • If you are a family experiencing homelessness and need additional supports:

  • Coordinated Access for Housing and Shelter:
    • To obtain a housing assessment, contact Coordinated Access for Housing and Shelter (651) 215-2262

If you or someone you care about is experiencing a mental health crisis, the following Crisis Text Services and hotlines are available 24/7:

    • Crisis Text Line: Text MN to 741 741

    • Call ** CRISIS from a cell phone to talk to professionals who can help

    • Calling from a landline? See the directory of local mental health crisis phone numbers.

    • Free help for people across Minnesota who are having a mental health crisis or are contemplating suicide. Video

    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 24/7, 365-day-a-year hotline for people experiencing suicidal crisis or emotional crisis.distress. Call 1-800-273-8255 or click here to chat.

    • SAFE, case management and support for African American women and their children experiencing domestic violence. Case managers assist clients access resources including housing, shelter, food, counseling. Case managers support women wherever they are on their journey. Led by an African American team, services are culturally-specific. Case managers work in the community, so clients can discreetly and easily access services. Contact: or More info at
    • Casa de Esperanza Confidential 24 Hour Bilingual Domestic Violence Crisis Line 651.772.1611
Confidential Assistance Survey

AGAPE staff are are here to help in all kinds of ways. Please complete this survey if you need help.

Thank you Ms. Brott for sharing these meaningful words and beautiful image with us!

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'Strong Women' Documentary of the Week!

Knock Down The House | Official Trailer | Netflix

Nurses Corner

Attn Seniors (who are graduating in June or August):

Are you wondering how to continue getting Childcare Assistance through either Think Small or Ramsey or Hennepin County?

Here is the advice I was given:

If you have MFIP, please contact your Public Health Nurse or Social Worker or HIRED Job Counselor to connect and coordinate for services through your MFIP transfer.

If you have Think Small, please contact Connie Bateman at 651-641-6614 or in Hennepin County, your Child Care Assistance worker.

Here is a power point that Connie Bateman from Think Small put together for you:

We would like to share some tips on Infant Massage - click the button below!

Effects of Touch:

Touch is the first sense to develop - it is how the baby experiences the world.

Touch contributes to development - physical, social, emotional & intellectual.

Touch strengthens the immune system.

Touch soothes the baby and promotes the sense of trust.

Benefits of Infant Massage:

Massage helps babies to sleep better, be less fussy, and experience less colic.

Massage improves circulation, the immune system, deepens respiration and promotes neurological development.

Full-body massage stimulates all the senses and helps reduce problems such as gas and constipation.

Massage promotes parent-child attachment and relaxation. Dads should do it too.

(Advance for Nurse Practitioners, Feb. 2002, pg. 59-60)

If your baby has constipation, colic or gas, let me know ( and I will send you specific tummy massage techniques.

Here is a link through WebMD:

Gordon Parks High School Health Start clinic (1212 University Ave. W.) is open to all students ages 11 and up for urgent:

  • in-person mental health care
  • medication management for depression and anxiety
  • sexual health concerns
  • check-ups and vaccines
  • non-respiratory illness
  • injuries
  • asthma follow-up

If you have respiratory symptoms, a fever or known exposure to coronavirus, we will refer you to affordable testing and care but will not see you at Gordon Parks.

Hours as of April 27, 2020: Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Please call 651-793-2234 for an appointment or walk in for care.

New! Telehealth Line - Students ages 11-22 can get mental health counseling and essential medical assistance via phone by calling the telehealth scheduling line at 651-412-8445. The telehealth line will take calls from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Students who have questions or need assistance from a school nurse can call the health office phone number - 651-888-7602. We are checking it each morning and each afternoon and we promise to answer voicemails promptly!

AGAPE End of Year Meeting

Wednesday, May 27th, 1pm

This is an online event.

FEP, SCIP, Compact, Budget - do you know what these are all about? Would you like to?! Please join Mrs. Weir and Angie for a video meeting to review our current year documents and help us revise our documents for next year!! We look forward to seeing and hearing from you!!

See you there!!!

Front Desk News

Hey everybody - we need your help! We having an online Spring AGAPE Family Meeting on Wednesday, May 27th at 1:00pm!! We will talk about our 2019/2020 year documents and get feedback for the 2020/2021 school year documents! All of these documents are included in the 2019/2020 AGAPE Family Handbook, but we have included links below to the documents on the AGAPE website!

GoogleMeet link is in the event notice below! We would love to see you!!!

Also, please connect with Maddi with issues you may be having with your iPad or borrowed Hotspot. Her email is

I have been watching too many TikTok videos, y'all. Reminder: AGAPE will be here for you when you're ready.


Natalie Taylor - Surrender (Slowed & Good Audio) by _𝙲𝚕𝚊_𝙲𝚕𝚊_
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