Scottsboro boys vs. Tom Robinson

By: Katy Eliasen

Scottsboro Boys Case

This case is about 12 African American men getting accused of raping 2 teenage girls. The two girls state that they were riding on a gondola with seven white boys and the twelve African Americans started fighting with the white boys and kicked them off. Victoria Price states that 6 boys attacked her and 6 other boys attacked her friend Ruby Bates. During the case the 12 boys were found guilty and sentenced to death although the girls didn't show any signs of rape.

Tom Robinson Case

Tom Robinson was also accused of rape. He was accused of rape from the Ewell family even though he was innocent. Atticus Finch was his layer and he made it clear that it was Mayella Ewells dad, Bob Ewell who raped her. But the Jury Came up with the conclusion that Tom Robinson was guilty. He tried running away from the prison and got shot 17 times and died.


These cases are very similar because these African American boys were accused of rape. They were at an unfair advantage back then because and African American would never win a case back then. Even though they were innocent they were still found guilty and they died.