Team Newsletter

April 2015

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HELLOOOO Ladies!!!!
March was the BIG #POSHBOOM for sure!!! Over 4 Million in sales and over 2000 new consultants!! The sales were more than the last 2 months combined, in jus ONE month!! CRAZY!!! Our team did amazing and out did any months previous!!! Over 10k in sales just blows my mind!!! So excited and proud of you all!!!

Our team is growing, now to 42 total members and getting Posh out there for sure!!!
Please, if your on Facebook and not on our team page as well as our "Mother" team page and the Posh corp page let your sponsor or myself know!! It will keep you up to date with all things POSH!! You don't want to miss out, trust me!!

Shipping times are still taking just about the whole 10 business days before UPS even picks it up then the travel time is another few days. They've hired on 50 new warehouse employees and I know working their tails off!! Remember if your order stays as "Printed" status for over 10 business days send in an SR(service request) from the Box or call in to HO(Home Office).

I was tossing around the idea of a team call to talk about anything that may be of concern or bounce ideas off each other or just to talk. Whatcha think?? Let me know!!!
Uncon in Atlanta is opening May 1st for registration. Who's going?! It's an awesome opportunity to meet others, get great NEW products, learn from the POSH gurus and more!!!

Remember your sponsor and/or other teammates are always here to help in anyway for anything!! Don't ever feel silly or that you have a "dumb" question or concern!! Reach out!! It's the only way to learn or excel!!!

Take time out weekly to work your Posh business, little things go along way!! Enjoy your products and help others to do so as well!!! Megan always says "You have to show up to go up!!" Maybe pick Tuesday's for the training calls or playbacks and give it an hour of Posh time!!!
Work It, Love It, Be It....POSH!!!

Allacyn Spears
Team Leader of Pinkalicious Poshers
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Do any of these words above describe you?! Do you want them to?!
When I googled the word "team" this is one of the graphics I found.
The beauty of Posh is that we can all grow together as a team and lean on each other when needed! We can share and build together! What's the saying "There's no "I" in "TEAM" and it's so true!
I personally challenge you to pick one word above and live it for a day or longer if you'd like. Pick the word you struggle with and try to turn it around in your daily life!! It's not easy for everyone but worth a try!!! Then post on our FB team page which you picked and how you gave it a shot!!!
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Monthly Opportunity to WIN!!!

Each month you have a chance to win a prize from me!!! HOW?! you ask....just by working your business as usual!! Hit your goals and your in the monthly drawing!! Drawings will be within the first week of the new month starting.

Here are the rules:

If your title is Requirements
Protege/Pink $200PV
Pink +1 $500PV $2000CV 1QF (qualified frontline)
Pink +2 $500PV $4000CV 2QF

MARCH WINNERS (yes I choose more than one I was so excited)
Jane, Katy & Claudia
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March Numbers & Top 5 & Promotions

$10,539 team sales!!!
39 teammates and 21 with sales for March

Shelly Over 3K WOWWOWOZA!!!
Tiffany Over 1K
Nicole Over 600
Barb Over 600
Christy Over 300

Pink +2
Barb & Shelly (Shelly just ran over Pink +1 to hit +2 in about a weeks time)

Jane & Hillary

Posh Annual Incentive Earner
Shelly earned herself a PAID Uncon registration ticket for Atlanta this summer!!!
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