Social Groups

Baby Boom

When World War II ended, all of the soldiers returned home and wanted to expand their family's. This is what caused The Baby Boom. It was the sharp increase in the U.S birthrate following World War II. It ran from the 1940's to the early 1960's. During this time, infants were born 7 seconds. This was the largest generation in US history.

Woman's Roles

During the 1950's, woman's roles became much more appreciated and more known of. Woman and mothers became known in magazines and movies. Some woman were very happy with there roles and a woman that stays home and takes care a the children. But, some woman like Carol Freeman did not like their role. They felt left out, contained and bored. They wanted to work and support the family. According to a surrey in the 1950's, more than one-fifth of suburban wives were unhappy with their lives. By 1960, almost 40% of mothers with young children had jobs. Having jobs still did not always make them happy. By doing the same job, they still got paid less than men.