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All in the Family

We're humbled by the opportunity to be a part of a team of people--YOU--who pray for us, provide for us, and participate with us. THANK YOU! And we're thrilled that Melissa joined this team on a different level. You may recall that Melissa began working at Wycliffe back in May 2012. What you may not know is that she moved departments---she now works as a writer. She writes and developes stories for print, web, blogs and more. Here's a recent sample of her work:

It was a Friday afternoon. Many of the Krachi villagers—men and women, young and old—were gathered around a tape recorder.

To those who know the Krachi people of Ghana, this would be an unusual scene to observe. As peasant farmers, the Krachi people spend most of their days working in the fields. The days they do not go to the fields are rare: Sundays for the Christians, and special or taboo days that happen once a week. On those days, no one is allowed to work in the fields.

But on this occasion, it was neither a Sunday nor a special or taboo day. The Krachi people had left their fields for something more important...

To read more, click here. For another posting by Melissa, read A Chance to Get Global.

  • Praise God that the Krachi are learning to read and write, so they can read God's Word in their language for themselves!
  • Pray for the remaining 10% of the New Testament, yet to be translated. Ask God to provide wisdom and perseverance to get the job done well.
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Family Addition....

Speaking of Melissa, if you're on Facebook, you will have seen that Melissa became engaged to Samuel Paredes on August 27. We're excited to welcome Sam to the family! Please pray for them as they plan and prepare for the wedding, but more importantly as they seek to serve God together through a Christ-centered marriage!

Coming to Colorado

  • We (John and Kelly) will be flying to Colorado September 18-24. John will be officiating at a former youth member's wedding. We hope to use some of our time to connect with those of you in Colorado, so we'll let you know as we pull together our schedule. Melissa will be staying with the kids at home since they started school on August 19. Please pray for our time in Colorado - that we would be an encouragement to others as we share what God is doing around the world.

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