By: Catalina


1. Mamà

2. No

3. Mi

4. En

5. Me

6. Momento

7. Pollito

8. Tapò

9. Aguantar

10. Escapò

New Words

1. Pidiò- Asked

2. Pollito- Chick

3. Quieres- You want

4. Darme- Give me

5. Preocupes- Worry

6. Hicieron- They did

7. Decia- He said

8. Momento- Moment

9. Corrio- Ran

10. Esconderse- Hide

English Summary

This book is about a mother hen and a chick. The mother and the chick make a chocolate cake together, and then at one point in the book the mother rushes the chick away and they both hide, because there is a cat that is trying to catch them. And when the cat has almost gotten them surprisingly it is the chick that forces him to leave them alone. Once the cat is gone they go and eat some of their chocolate cake.

Spanish Summary

El libro se llama cocorico. El autor se llama Helga Bansch. La idea principal es estar juntos es importante. El personaje principal se llama Cocorico. El personaje principal hace combate fuera un gato. El personaje principal es inteligente y divertida. A el personaje principal le gusta divertida y linda. Si, me gusta el libro porque es interesante y linda.