The Dominican Republic

Imaan Rizwan

Background information

Capital: Santo Domingo

Major cities: Santiago de los caballeros, Santo Domingo oeste, San Pedro de macoris, La romana.

The official language is Spanish.

Economic information: the currency is Peso, and their economic system is Capitalism.

Political information

The type of government is a representative democracy. And the leader is Leonel Fernandez. Dominican Republic was colonized ruled by Haiti but were declared independent 27th February 1844. They were also ruled by a dictator and America, but to this day the country is declared free.

Tourist information

People visit Dominican Republic because of the beautiful structural and natural sites. Tourists love to explore major cities and the capital (Santo Domingo) because it holds a lot of historical significance. Tourists usually go to resorts, islands like samaná , and beaches. Places like La Romana are also visited by tourists.

Interesting facts

  • The Dominican republic has 31 provinces, which are further divided into municipalities.
  • The national game is Baseball.
  • Coffee is a national drink, in fact Dominican republic is one of the top producers of cocoa.
  • The national bird is palmchat, and the national flower is the West Indian Mahogany.
  • Dominican republic is known as a breadbasket of the Carribean because they farm and catch almost every food produced there.