Figurative Language

Level 3 - Analysis


I can analyze why and/or how the writer chose to use figurative language in the example and explain how the figurative language used contributes to the meaning of the text


Watch the video "How to Write Descriptively" to see why authors use descriptive language - figurative language specifically - in their writing. Answer the questions provided as you watch. Think about the power of words a writer chooses to use and how those words impact the reader.


Watch the Analyzing Figurative Language video in order to learn how to analyze how and why an author uses figurative language in their writing in order to impact the text. Writers could say what they want to say in a simple way but choose to use figurative language. Analyze why they use figurative language, how they use figurative language, the benefits to using figurative language, and how the reader can understand the text at a deep level because of the figurative language.

See the teacher for a copy of the notes "Why Writer's Use Figurative Language". Review the notes.


See the teacher for a copy of the poem "I Love the Look of Words" by Maya Angelou, Underline or highlight each example of figurative language and label it. See the teacher for the answer key.

Next, on your own paper, analyze why the author chose to use the figurative language and/or how the figurative language is being used in the poem. Explain how the figurative language helps the reader understand the meaning of the poem. Analyze the impact of the figurative language on the reader. See the teacher for the answer key.

If you have been able to analyze the poem, you can move on to the assessment. If you have not been able to analyze the poem, you will do another practice with a different poem.


See the teacher for the assessment.