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Ancient Judaism

Ancient Judaism:

Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people

Jews originally lived in Mesopotamia

The Torah consists of the first five books of the Hebrew bible

Facts for section 2

There were 613 commandments that direct moral and religious conducts

A famine forced many Israelites to flee from Canaan to Egypt

Facts for section 3

According to Torah, God first spoke to Abraham

Moses told the Israelites that God would lead them to Canaan


Are there still Jews today?

Is Judaism most popular religion?

Where is Jerusalem?


Yes the Jewish community still exists.

No but they are 6th most popular.

Jerusalem is located in Israel.


Facts for section 4

Abraham supposedly spoke to God several times in his life.

Abraham changed Judaism forever by showing Jews a different way of think.

Facts for section 5

Moses also spoke to god and was told to free the Isrealites.

Moses was a hero for saving the Isrealites.

Facts for section 6

Solomon built the first temple in Jerusalem.

King David leads a procession to bring the scared Ark.

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