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August 7, 2020

Upcoming Events

August 13th, Thursday: Sixth Grade Orientation

August 17th, Safety Information to families

August 24th, Students receive team names, if Online Verification is completed.

September 2nd, Virtual Family Orientation

From the Principal

Families of Walden,

Summer is coming to a close for many of our Walden staff. Next Tuesday our new staff members will come in to start learning. Then on Friday the whole teaching staff will return. We are excited to start planning for our in-person and online Jaguars.

On September 2nd we are going to have a virtual Family Orientation. We will have links to presentations from the administration, teams and Imagineer teachers. This will help understand how Walden works in the hybrid schedule and online learning. This will be for both online and in-person students.

Continue to call or email with questions or feedback. They are always appreciated.

Take care,

Keelie Stucker

Walden Principal

Safety Information

The administration is working on procedures to keep our students and staff safe. The building leadership team that includes a group of teachers and administrators will look at the safety plan to make improvements. Then the staff will look at the procedures on Aug 14th when they return to make any final adjustments. On August 17th we will communicate our safety procedures for the start of the school year to families.

Labor Day Week Schedule- First Week of School

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After Labor Day week, we will follow the below schedule

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What's my team?


Finding out your team is a big deal in middle school! Teams truly become your school family. Through my 17 years of putting teams together I have heard student’s exclaim, “ I don’t have any friends on my team!” By the end of the year however, they have kept the old friends and made so many more. Teams are a delicate balance of personalities, academic needs, and class sizes. To move a student upsets that balance which is why teams are not changed. Normally teams are announced at the end of July. As we know, this year is far from normal so teams names will be emailed on August 24th for those who have completed their online residency verification(OLV). Get your OLV completed now so you too can participate in the social media frenzy which is team day!

Mrs. DeDonder

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Character Strong

In the previous newsletter I mention that Walden is doing Character Strong, our Social Emotional Learning curriculum. Each week students will be presented with a Character Dare. Last week I asked you to be Kindness Ninja and send 5 notes of inspiration or encouragement to anyone you want. I would love to hear your stories! If took the challenge and would like to share the impact it had on you or some one else, you can let me know by going to this link.

Now for this weeks family character dare, A Family Bucket List.

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As students enter Walden this year they will see accomplished people from diverse backgrounds on the walls. We are going to teach lessons to celebrate diversity to create a more inclusive environment at Walden. This is a work in progress, but we are moving in a positive direction!
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Sixth-Grade Orientation is right around the corner!

We are hosting this student-only event starting at 8:10 a.m. on August 13. Your child will have an opportunity to meet their WEB Leader, try out their new locker and test out their bus routes. The event will end at 11:40 a.m.

Learn more about the day and RSVP your child.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (816) 359-4240.

Virtual Orientation Option

Whether your child is attending school at Walden this fall in person or online, we want to make sure your child has the opportunity to experience the original 6th Grade Walden Orientation. Your child can attend Orientation in person or virtually regardless of how they are attending school this fall. We are offering Orientation both in person and virtual. The only difference will be when groups break out into small groups, virtual attendees will have Walden WEB Leaders who are also online learners this fall as their WEB Leaders welcoming them to Walden.

We highly encourage all 6th graders to attend 6th Grade Orientation to help them connect with other 6th graders, WEB Leaders, teachers, and to kick off their 6th grade year with their peers. If you decide you want your child to attend the VIRTUAL Orientation, please complete this Google Form (link). A Zoom link for virtual participation at Orientation will be posted to the website and also emailed to the email address listed in this form the week of Orientation. Please note, if your child is attending Orientation in person at Walden, here is the RSVP your child (link).

If you have any questions about your child's registration for 6th Grade Orientation, please send an email to weymuthc@parkhill.k12.mo.us.

Athletics for 2020-2021

I hope all is well with your families. Our Coaches and student athletes have done a great job this summer at the high schools with all the new guidelines that we asked them to follow. Student safety is number the one priority. As we look forward to this fall we need to start talking about physicals and Impact testing. I have attached physical forms, Impact testing permission forms and medical history forms. This year we will not be providing time for students to obtain a physical at the high schools and families will need to arrange time with a physician to complete this process. For that reason, we have attached information below for some places you can go for a physical if you cannot get into your doctor’s office. If you had a physical done last year, it does last for two years. If your student participated in sports last year, it is on file. If you turned one in last year, but your student did not participate in any sports, please contact the school front office to ensure they have it.

What is the due date for your physical to be turned in?

August 24th is the first day of fall sports practice and physicals must be complete prior to being allowed to participate in practice. All of this information will need to be turned into the front office of the school.

Who needs a physical and Impact Testing?

· Upcoming 7th Graders

· New students to the district

· Students that did not participate in a sport last school year

Who schedules your IMPACT test?

We have created a sign up genius to sign up for impact testing for FALL athletes to test in August (17th - 21st). To allow for social distancing within the testing and no lines to wait in, space will be limited and we ask that you schedule ahead of time and do not just show up. Impact must be completed prior to being allowed to participate. Currently, we will have two sessions over a period of four days. These will be offered at 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM and again at 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM. We ask that you use social distancing practices if you're waiting to be let in or be picked up upon completion of the assessment. In most cases, the assessment should last just thirty minutes, but can go longer. We have left additional time between the sessions to allow for cleaning between cohorts.


Everyone - those needing a physical will need to attach these additional pages.

If you have any questions about the status of your physical or impact test, you may contact Bryan Phillips, the Athletic Director, at phillipsb@parkhill.k12.mo.us.

8th Grade Students and Parents: LOOK HERE! IMPORTANT!

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Walden Mission, Vision and Values

Walden has created a Mission, Vision and Values. This was a collaborative effort among the staff and students of the 19-20 school year. We all shared our thoughts on the culture we want at Walden.This process took several months to complete. We had many discussions about what we believe about education and the environment we want to have a Walden. Below is the final product. We are going to work hard to bring our Mission, Vision and Core Values to life!
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Family Assistance and Free Meals

Information on free meals (link)

Community Resources for Parents (link)

Park Hill Family Resources.

Please reach to Katherine Kraai, our Walden social worker with any questions or assistance.

Katherine Kraai, MSW

Walden Social Worker