Generation Me

How we want to be perceived

We Are Independent

We have access to an immense amount of resources, making it easier to for us to learn things on our own. We excel when put on a path and love to learn and do things on our own. It is a way for us to further understand ourselves and to learn more about each other and the world.

Everything you need to know about Generation Y

We Are Passionate

My generation is in constant search of ways to express ourselves and to show the world who we are. When we find a cause or topic that we care about, we begin to pour ourselves into it, and try to show the world why we care. We all want to work together to change the world, and, hopefully, make it a better place.
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We Are Ambitious

As we go through life, we are in constant search of new things to learn and new things to try. We have more opportunities to learn and excel in any field we choose, and we set our goals high. We all are driven to be successful, and we are not afraid to work hard to achieve our goals.
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We Are Millenials

In conclusion, despite our overuse of social media, millennials have an immense amount of potential that we are not afraid to use. We look at opportunities and excel when given them. We are firm believers in hard work, and when we find something that we are passionate about, it is nearly impossible to stop us. The world is going to be taken for a ride, because my generation is going to change everything.