Nov 3-7


Nov 10 1:30 Mrs. VanMeter will do a gifted and talented lesson for our class

Nov 11 Veteran's Day 9:00 assembly

Nov 12 Excite Gym during PE class dress appropriately for exercise

Nov 19 Grandparent's Lunch/ Turkey Dinner--make reservations in advance

Nov 20 Science and Art night 6:00-8:00 pm (see attachment on email)

Nov22-30 Thanksgiving holidays

We had a great time withe the Flower Mound Environmental Services this week. We learned about honey bees, keeping our lakes and streams clean, rocks, fossils and dinosaurs from our area, trees and insects. Hopefully everyone has planted their tree! How cool to look back and remember you planted it in 2nd grade. (As a mom, I would take a picture of them in front of it every year and see how the tree and they grow).

I sent home the kid's account log in information on Friday. If they have not shown you the programming website yet, ask them about it. It is very cool! Definintely laying the foundation for understanding how computers work and not just how to use them.

We are expecting very chilly weather this week. Please be sure your child has the appropriate layers to make recess enjoyable and being in the class room comfortable. Label all of the belongings.

I am still hoping to gather donations for my father's school in New Mexico. These are very poor, humble and needy children. Send in gloves, hats, scarves, ear muffs, socks and warm gear for ages kinder through 6th grade. Thank you in advance!

I am also still in need to paper towel tubes. Send them in!

A big thank you to Mr. Gibson for being our mystery reader. The kids LOVED your wacky stories. They made a mad dash to my Dr Seuss books searching for Wacky Wednesday.

We also enjoyed having our FMHS football players come and read to us. The kids were star struck and loved every second of it. Nice to let them see that big tough football guys think reading is important.

Many kids have fill up their math journal. Ask your child if they need a new spiral notebook. I will try to pick up a few this afternoon, but if you are out and about please grab one. We use them everyday!

Hope you enjoy this cool week! I can't believe it is November!!!


MATH We are now into the thousands place! The kids are picking it up very well. the foundations of place value make it less intimidating to add another digit. We will be adding and subtracting in the 1000's now too. I have gone into FasttMath and tried to fix issues some of you were having. Please let me know if your child is experiencing errors, is unable to get on or is not able to advance. I am trying to get with this. Keep practicing counting money and telling time. Elapsed time will be the recurring theme from now on.

Social Studies We loved having a mock election this week. The kids learned what a ballot was and how the process works. We also took a look at what Veteran's Day is. We watched a Brainpop on the different branches of the armed forces. The kids are writing hero stories to thank veterans. We will being really focusing on colonial times, native americans, and the early days of America.

Language Arts We read The Ugly Vegetables this week in our text book. The children found the moral of the story right away! We also did some writing about our Halloween character. We began learning about the 4 types of sentences declarative, interrogative, exclamatory and imperative. We will focus on this much more this coming week. I loved seeing the documentation in their planners of how they did on the fluency homework packet I sent home. Please remember to record their scores and times in their for me to see too. I think this is very eye opening for all of the kids. Fluency is an art and it is the goal for all readers.

Genius Hour Many of the kids finished up their first "I wonder..." for genius hour and are now starting their second one. I have their projects on display in the hallway. They did a wonderful job presenting their genius and teaching us all something new. Please know that I am not asking or requiring them to bring in poster board and such, that is all their choice. They are welcome to use what supplies I have here in the classroom. We do this every Wednesday, so if your child has an electronic device they can use for research they are welcome to bring it. I have such a limited amount of technology, it really helps!