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What are comets?

A comet is a giant clutter of space objects, and every time it passes the sun some of these objects come off, making a "tail" of light.
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Comets In Depth

A comet is actually fairly simply constructed, yet it's often thought of being complicated due to its appearance. They are really just "dirty icebergs", since they are just a mix of dirt, ice, rocks, and gravel, all on an iceberg. They are all held together, with frozen gases and ice serving as a "glue". The tail of the comet is just bits and pieces of the comet coming off it being warmed up by the sun. A dust tail is made of dust, and it's brighter. An ion or gas tail, is made when electrically charged atoms (ions) are being pushed by the wind. If you want to learn more about comets, go to the link below:

It is the website NASA, on the search, with comets as a keyword. Click on any of the following results, they all have different merits.

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NASA | Observing Comet Siding Spring at Mars

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