Great Britain to Now

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The Industrial Revolution changed material production, wealth, labor patterns and population distribution. Although many rural areas remained farming communities during this time, the lives of people in cities changed drastically. The new industrial labor opportunities caused a population shift from the countryside to the cities. The new factory work led to a need for a strict system of factory discipline.
Date: During the 1800s

Leaders: The people in the city

This is important because it opened many job opportunities causing everyone to shift from countryside to the "city"

Socially this made everyone wanting to be around the goods and new markets, and everyone was interested in getting a job in the city. Around the world this caused higher productivity and more people were involved.

Economically this lead to bigger cities,more goods,and more inventions.

Politically more jobs given to people. The industrial revolution inspired more factory's around the globe

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Cities around the world are selling goods,similar to what Great Britain started as

Its how it started,small markets,and the people are interested in the goods that are being produced in the city