A Note From Guidance

Standardized Testing Tips

Prepare your child for the NJ ASK:

  • REST- Get a good night's sleep before the test.
  • EAT- A good breakfast on the morning of the test is important. Taking tests uses lots of energy.
  • LISTEN- Pay attention to the directions and then follow them exactly. If the directions are not clear, ask the teacher to repeat them or to explain the directions again.
  • TRY- Do your best. Even if some of the questions seem hard, don't give up.
  • DISCUSS- Talk to your child about school and tests. Help your child understand that tests provide a chance to "show what you know" about a subject.
  • SUPPORT- Make sure that your child understands that the test results simply give information. They will not be used for grades or to reward or punish.
  • RELAX- Help your child feel calm and confident. Students who are calm and sure of themselves do better on tests.