The Wonders of Europe

By Elizabeth Polk

Introduction to this smore

In this flyer I am going to describe three different European counties! I am going to inform you of these magnificent, beautiful places; Italy, France, and Spain. I will tell you what they eat, grow, and drink. You will leave this smore with more information about them, so you can visit!


Spain is the fifth most visited country in the world, welcoming some 46 million foreign visitors annually.

Spain is a Monarchy government with it's Prime Minster Mari Anorajay leading the way. It is limited and also a European Union member. The government is currently concerned with the Panama Canal expansion as it is doubted as the President confronts European firms. Historical wise in 1469 Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille married to stabalize and unite their kingdoms. SImon Bolivar led the way to freedom for millions of South Americans.

There are 47,370,542 people that currently inhabit Italy as well as 14.75% of Arable land.
They produce grain, vegetables, olives, wine grapes, sugar beets, citrus, beef, pork, poultry.

The GDP is $1.388 trillion, the GDP per capita is $30,100.
Currency is euros.
Exchange rate to dollars is 78 cents to 1 euro.
Famous brands o the country are Santander, Motvistar, BBVA.
Language is Castilian Spanish.
Religion is Roman Catholic
Famous landmarks are Alhambra, Sagradaf Amilia, Ibiza.
The relative location is near France.
Climate is temperate; clear, hot summers in interior.
Topography is large and flat.


Italy's government is a republic and it's leader is Prime minester Enricoletta. Italy is limited and not a European Union member.

The governments current concern is Italian Navy says it has rescued 233 migrants from an overcrowded smuggler's boat in rough seas.

A historical political event is charlemagne crowned Roman Emperor.

A cool historical monument is the Etruscan Tombs.

A person who changed history is Eugenio Barsani, he developed the first internal combustion engine driven by gas!

Population is 61,482,297

% of Arable land is 22.57

Agriculture is fruits, vegetables, grapes, potatoes, sugarbeets, soybeans.

GDP is $ 1.857 trillion GDP per capita is $ 29,800

The currency is Euros

Exchange rate to dollars is 78 cents to one euro.

Major economic activities Growing & preparing food and drinks.

Famous brands of the country are Gucci, Prada, ferrari, martini

Language is Italion

Religion is christianity

Famous landmark is the Leaning tower of pisa

Cultural foods are croissant, pasta, pizza

Relative location is near switerzland, and France

Climate is Predominatly Mediterranean

Topography is mostly rugged and mountainous.


Frances government type is a republic the leader is the Prime Minister Jean-Marc. It is limited and a european member.

Current government event is the first lady was hospitalised after Hollande affair claims.

A historical political event is the french revolution.

A Historical monument is the Eiffel Tower.

Population is 65,951,611

% of Arable land is 33.45

Agriculture is wheat, cereals, sugarbeet, potatoes, wine grapes; beef, dairy products, fish.

GDP is $ 2.238 million and their GDP per capita is $35,300 and their currency is Euros.

exchange rate to US dollars 78 cents to 1 euro

Major economic activities are tourism, food, drinks, industrial machinery.

Famous brands of France are Louis Vuitton, AXA, Dior, L'oreal.

Language is french

Religion is Roman Catholic.

Famous landmarks are Disneyland, Notredame de Paris.

Cultural foods are Wine, Garlic, Onions, mushrooms, snails

Relative location is near Spain and Italy.

Climat4e is generally cool winters and mild summers.

Topography is mostly flat plains of gently rolling hills.