Fluids in Humans and Cars

By: Navi Ubhi 806

The Role of Fluids in Humans and Cars

Fluids play a crucial role in the proper function and performance of many machines. Two such machines are the human body and a vehicle. Both of these machines consist of several systems that work together to produce life and movement. These systems need several fluids for different reasons.


Fluids cool the human body with the benefit of sweat. Fluids help a car cool down with air conditioning and the cooling fan.


Fluids re-energize the human body with the heart, while the Engine and the Air intake System fluids help the car re-energize.


Fluids clean the human eye with Tears. Fluids clean the car with Xenon gas and windshield wipers to drive more safely.

Cooling Fluids

Re-energizing Fluids

Cleaning Fluids

In conclusion, if we compare the human body with a car, we will find that they have many connections and similarities between them when it comes to fluids. It also shows that fluids play a very important role in both cars and humans.