Humphrey Happenings


One School, One Book!

Everywhere we look people are crazy about reading "Friendship According to Humphrey," by Betty G. Birney. It is hard to put it down! Teachers, students and staff can't get enough of it! Will Humphrey and Og ever become friends? We will have to keep reading to find out how it will end!

Humphrey Trivia

We have had such a great time with our "Friendship According to Humphrey" trivia. Every morning students are asked questions on the announcements. Classes answer the question and are entered into a drawing to win a day with our school hamster, Hamilton. Classes are VERY competitive! Hamilton has had a wonderful time traveling around GES!


Hi there! It is me, Hamilton the Hamster. I know we are all reading about friendship according to Humphrey, but I want you to know about GES according to me!

It has been quite the journey here at GES! Humphrey assured me that I would have lots of fun and so far I have had so much to squeak about!

Humphrey dropped me off near Mrs. Breeding’s room. I started hanging out in my tubes most of day. All of those people were a little scary at first! Mrs. Darr and Mrs. Breeding talked so nicely to me and helped me figure out that it was safe here. They take me home on the weekends and give me lots of love!

This week I started to visit classrooms! The classrooms are the winners of the trivia that Mrs. Swann, our school principal, says over the announcements. I always have the answer. I quickly scurry back to write the answers down in my notebook! Humphrey made sure I had a notebook just like he does! No one else knows yet!

My first class visit was to Mrs. Gernert’s class. They cheered when I came in to see them! They really liked it when I raced around the classroom in my cool sports car. My next visit was to Mrs. Lease’s class. It was great fun too! I showed up in my school bus. When I squeaked, I knew that Mrs. Lease understood me. She let me out of my bus and boy was I free! I climbed all over her and on the desks! She sounded a little alarmed at first, but she talked so nicely to me and helped me find my way back to my cage.

Mrs. Brinsfield's class loved seeing me too. Ms. Hillard works in that class as well. She was so great at petting me! I ended my first week with Mrs. Rex. Her class was so quiet and cozy. She is a real animal lover! She even named me the "official classroom noise monitor" for the day! I was eager to learn and was excited that Mrs. Rex was teaching place value! By the end of the day, I drove my car on the double place value mat to show the students what I learned!

This week I was able to visit pre K, Kindergarten and 5th grade! Mrs. Anderson's pre K class LOVED me! Kindergarten enjoyed checking me out in my cage. I actually visited two classrooms that day. I strolled from Teacher Kneller to Mrs. Wilson. Those children looked at me A LOT!

5th graders are the oldest in the school! Mrs. Manship loved, loved, loved me! In her classroom, I tried the new attachment to my playground, but it definitely didn’t go as expected! I almost had my chance to get out of the playground and explore the whole school while the children were actually there, but Ms. Manship and Mrs. Dean worked together to stop my fun! Little do they know, I get out every night!

I can’t wait to see who I get to visit next!

Until Next Squeak!


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Read Along With Us

Want to reread the chapters? Listen as GES staff and community read chapters aloud in English and Spanish. After reading, try to answer the following questions.

What room does Humphrey live in at Longfellow school?

Where did Humphrey live before he came to Longfellow school?

Who brought Humphrey to Longfellow School?

Who talks to Humphrey at night?

Who is the teacher in Humphrey's classroom?

What does Og do when Humphrey comes to visit his cage?

What does Og eat?

What happened when Mandy tried to pet Og?

Who did Humphrey go home with on the weekend?

Who is the bully on the bus?