Dazzlin Divas Monthly Newsletter

May Team Stats & News 2017

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Welcome Dazzlin Divas

Hey Divas,

Our Summer selling season here and just have a few months left of our Spring/Summer Catalog. This is perfect time to reach out to our teachers and customers and help get prepared with our organizing products. Share the benefits of our utility totes and some of our top 10 products with your customers. Show them how you can breeze thru summer with thirty-one.

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Leader Stats

Personal Volume- 1013.00


New Divas-1

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We are so excited to have you a part of the Thirty-One Family and the Dazzlin Divas!

Rachel Henderson joined by Nichelle Davis in May 2017

Monthly Sales & Team Recognition

We had a Great Mayl!!! I am so excited that reached our Monthly Team Goals. Congratulations everyone for a job well done!

May Team Goals

Team Sales- $6000.00

New Team Members- 4

Team Parties-15

Actual Team Stats

Team Sales- $4,403.00

New Divas- 1

Team Parties- 10

My goal for all us has a team is to add at least one extra party and share the opportunity for June. I know we can do it!!

Rachel Simmons- $1,301.00

Cynthia Pacheco-1,234.00

Rachel Henderson-351.00

Shontee Johnson- $232.00

Jennifer Rohn-218.00

LaDonna Avery- $54.00

June Team Goals

Team Sales- $6000.00

New Team Members- 4

Team Parties-15

I know we can crush our June Goals!! We are Better Together! Let's get everyone on the board for June!

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Top Divas for May 2017

Congratulations to Rachel Simmons she was the top Sales Diva with 1301.00

Congratulations to Cynthia Pacheco she was the top Party Diva with 3 Parties.

Way to go ladies!!

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Congratulations Cynthia Pacheco and Rachel Simmons both you beat your Director!!!
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Diamond Club!!!

Diamond Club requirements:$1000 in personal volume for the Month!

Rachel Simmons and Cynthia Pacheco. Congratulations!!

When you achieve $1000 in sales for 3 consecutive months you will receive $25 gift certificate in your back office!

Congratulations to Rachel for earning a $25 GC in your back office!!

All of you can do it!!! I believe in YOU!

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New Consultants

Congratulations to Cynthia Pacheco on earning Level 3 startswell. You just have one more to go!! We are cheering you on.
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Who is super close to becoming a Qualified Consultant?

Let's cheer these ladies on!!!

Rachel Henderson-296.50

Jennifer Rohn-572.00

Lisa Palacios-1000.00

K Groups

By earning a spot into a K Group, you not only earn self-pride and confidence for being a party rock star, but you’ll also earn tangible rewards exclusive to you!

Party consistently to earn a spot in one of our four K Groups and you’ll earn…

Free Product in our K-Kits!

Every season, each K Group will get their hands on new, free product in a fun way!

Congratulations to all Summer K Groups Earners

Let's take a look at what they earned.
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Company & Team Upcoming Announcements