Stacey's Sweet Sisters

March 2016

Director's Corner

It's hard to believe it's almost officially SPRING!

We have so much to CELEBRATE! I want to make sure to CER (Celebrate-Encourage- Reward) all of you for an awesome finish to the fall-winter season and a fantastic start with our Spring-Summer catalog last month. I'm so proud of YOU!

Welcome, New Consultants!

The most EXCITING thing we have to celebrate is the addition of several new sisters to our team! Welcome, we are so glad to have you here!

Sessie Jackson, joined 2/11, enrolled by Lindsey Scurlock

Stefani Flos, joined 2/17, enrolled by Stephanie Thoma

Lyza Waz, joined 2/17, enrolled by Stacy Mitchell

Carrie Effinger, joined 3/1, enrolled by Stacey Hyde

We are so excited for all of you and cheering you on in your new journey with Thirty-One!

Start Swell

Congratulations Sessie Jackson on earning Start Swell Level 1! Keep up the GREAT work! She chose Kit B and got everything shown here for FREE!

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Top Sales ~ December ~ January ~ February


Kimberly Hanson- $6,061---Way to go, Kim!!

Stacey Hyde- $2,669


Stacey Hyde- $1,437

Julie Breach- $706


Julie Breach- $1,453

Kimberly Hanson- $1,191

Stephanie Thoma-$1,057

Stacey Hyde- $1,021