The Polar Bear

Help save this in-dangered animal

Food: Foods that polar bears eat are seals, berries, dead whales, dead walruses, arctic foxes, birds, and occasionally lemmings.This massive animal is at the top of the food chain where they live. (wiki)

Habitat: This animal usually lives where sea ice meets water. The Hudson Bay or the James Bay. (wiki)

Description: These giant creatures can weigh up to 1400 lbs. and 10 ft. long for the males. The females are on an average about 7 ft. weighing up about 650 lbs. (wiki)

Adaptation: One of the adaptations is the thick insulated fur on the polar bear’s coat. Climate in these harsh areas is very cold, windy, and snowy and that is why polar bears need warmth. They have a strong neck which allows them to find and hunt seals. (wiki)

Reason for endangerment: This species is endangered due to climate change and pollution which is melting the ice in the north. As the world’s technology advances the climate change is melting many ice glaciers and is taking away this bear’s habitat. One major problem is cars, and gasoline. The U.S. alone uses about 21 million barrels of gas in only one day! (wiki)

How to help: Many endangered species organizations, like WWF, are trying to redirect ice crusher ships onto another route so they don’t disturb the polar bear’s habitat and find alternate energy sources. They also do not want to have items shipped there because there is an increasing chance of an oil spill. You can make a difference by donating money to this foundation. (wiki)


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