The Giants

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The giants

The Giants

Chapter 1

Three Naughty Brothers

Once upon a time there lived three naughty brothers, their parents past away when they were 10. Now they live with their grandmother. People say that in their village there lived a kind giant but no one had seen it so they don’t believe it.

The first brother named was Panda, he is the oldest and very naught, he always cries when his stuck and always want food, no wander people called him cry cat. The middle baby named is Tristan aka Turtle, I have no idea why people called him turtle but his really slow. Tristan is very kind and helpful but his heart is a devil. The smallest and youngest little baby named is Kevin, Kevin is very fast and always a genius he even made the Eiffel Tower and the sun, he has power to make the Eiffel tower and the sun but other things he has to do with hands.

One bright sunny day the three boys saw a beautiful butterfly and followed it, they were skipping running and play hide and seek with it. The butterfly was really good at hide and seeks because he doesn't close his eye and he watches us, we called him cheater but the game was fun. When it was about night the sun was setting so beautifully, we forgot to go home and it was nearly dark and we were lost so we followed the butterfly with worried on our face. The stupid butterfly leads us into a cave. We was trap and was so afraid, Me the Panda and my middle brother Tristan was so scared but Kevin wasn't I don’t get why he wasn't afraid. We nearly cried but Kevin had a genius plan to get out.

Chapter 2

Smart Kevin

It was called the super-digger-idiot-super-power-vale, what a strange named.

He found a stick and broke it into pieces and started making fire by rubbing it. He made a fire and we was amazed, we would be freezing could like ice on us if we didn't have Kevin. Next he got a pointy rock and a strong stick and a rope, he tied the rock on the stick and hit the wall, a big rock fell into a hole and covered the sunlight, and it was so dark like a Bloody Marry going to come and rip your head off. We were so scared but Kevin wasn't When he finished his rock hammer he saw step up to the big rock that just fell. We were so stupid that we didn't even saw the steps; we were just sitting there being crazy all the time like a baby.

Kevin hit the rock nothing happen, he hit it again, again and again, and he got a crack in the middle of the rock, lucky we could see because we still had the fire that Kevin made. He kept hitting the rock until you could see a hole in the rock.

Chapter 3

Helpful giant

In the hole he could see someone walking around he looked lonely so Kevin called him for help. He pulled out the rock, we was amazed how strong he was because he was a giant. The three brothers thanked the giant, they told the village that the giant was real but the villagers didn't believe them until they have seen them so the three brothers went to get the giant and showed them to the villagers. No they believe them.

Years Past by the giant was helping people and starting to get handsome. He looked so shiny and rich and handsome with spiky hair.

Chapter 4

Zombie’s apocalypse

One really dark night there were no moon and every one was worried, people started making lights to light the village.

When the villagers about to sleep they heard a sound, it sounded like zombies and they looked outside and it was zombies. “I’ll eat your brain” said one of the zombies. The zombies had blood all over their body and had a green skin. The villagers called the giant to help them defeat the zombies, they got out their long sword with sharp edges, and they lined up in fours. “Get ready solider” said the giants, “On your mark, get said, Bananas, he, he. Ready solider, on your mark get said Attack” said the giant. They ran up and slice the zombies, there were lots of zombies, and they were so scary. They fought and fought and fought until the zombie all died.

Chapter 5

Big celebration/Feast

After the fought they had a celebration, they Bar Be Q the zombies, they used tomatoes on the zombies and ate them, it was so delicious and yummy. We were all full and our tummy got so fat. That was the best day of the feast. And we live happily ever after. ‘NOT’.

Still to be continuing…………….. ……..

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