Goodwill (Global)

Edgar Helms

What Edgar Helms Has Done to Help the Community

He helped immigrants that needed food, shelter, and clothing. People that don't have food and all that stuff that is what Goodwill is all about. So, go donate clothing for some people. People need this stuff to stay alive.

Impact on the Community

Edgar Helms started goodwill to save people's lives. People that had a really hard time with out food, shelter, and clothing because the immigrants came over had no supply. Children need stuff to live. Donate clothing, people need it.

Background Information on Edgar Helms

Edgar Helms was born on Malone, New York, in January 19, 1863. He started goodwill in 1920 in the U.S. Edgar Helms married two women and their names were Jean Preston then her sister Grace Preston and had twelve children. His middle name is James. Goodwill Industries was found in 1920 and he got the name from Brooklyn, New York work shop coined the phrase. He was in a nation divided by the Civil War.

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What Can I Do

I can help by making girls feel how they look by decorating their nails and hair to make them feel beautiful in their own way. For the girls in the hospital. Because some girls don't think that they don't look beautiful, so I will make them feel beautiful and look amazing. So, I will make girls feel better than they look at the hospital. You should try doing something to help the community, too.

All About Me!!!

Hi, my name is Lexiegh. I'm in 4th grade. My teacher is Mrs. Vande Hei. She is sweet, caring, and the best teacher I have ever had. I had last year for 3rd grade.Now after I'm done with Howard I'm going to Linevill. Linevill is a type of middle school. My brother goes there , buthe is in 6th grade. Next year my sister is going to by in 3rd grade. That was all about me!!!