Industrial Revolution

Alyssa Gamez

Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution is when it was in the 18th- 19th hundreds when there was kids working in factories ages 7-10 so the kids misses school and worked almost all day. in the 19th hundreds there was a law for child labor. the men and woman did not know they where in tons of nasty stuff around them.the men and woman where drinking toilet water but never knew until now.this was when every thing was invented and how we use to run things.

Inventors Inventions

There there where three inventors one of them are Robert Fulton his invention is the steam boat , the steam boat impacted on the world by us people using it for certain reasons. the second person is Thomas Edison he invented the long lasting light bulb his impact on the world is that tons of people on the world are using devices almost every second. finally the last person is Alexander Grahambell has made the practical telephone it had changed the world bye us humans using it every day and every second.

Child Labor

Child labor laws where terrible back then they made children suffer now a days its illegal to have child labor laws. it is illegal to have child labor laws because they force kids 7-10 to work like this girl in the photo. her name is Addie she was in child labor laws and and she was 12. i got this from a article that a person had found.
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Assembly Line

i say that the inventors that made stuff did a good job because if they did not built it then we would had been dead by now. i say that the child labor laws are very bad because they are taken away from there family and they don't get to see them that much and they don't know the rest of there family members.