Remember- Tomorrow is Pajama Day!

Pajama Day Information (and other reminders)

Hello! A friendly reminder that tomorrow is PAJAMA DAY! We are wearing Pajama's to be comfy as we do a read in to help us raise money for the read-a-thon which ends on April 13th.

Some things to know for tomorrow

*We will still do show and tell, so your child may bring a show and tell with them in their backpack

*Your child may bring special books from home

*Your child may bring one stuffed animal OR blanket

*If your child would prefer not to wear pajamas, that is fine. They can wear other free dress clothes or their uniform if that is what they would prefer.

ALSO! Thank you to everyone who has already turned in their field trip form. We are hoping to get all the forms turned in BY TOMORROW if possible so that we will be all ready to go. At this time, we cannot take any more parent chaperones to the field trip, we already have our final list set. Please bring in your money for you and your child (8$ EACH unless you have a membership and are GOING on the field trip) soon. We are hoping to have all the money collected by next Wednesday.

Thank you so much! Enjoy this beautiful day outside and see you tomorrow!