Bertie County

Tucker Jones

Bertie County, Established in 1722

Welcome to Bertie County, North Carolina

This is a simple county in NC. Not much crime, not much disturbance, and all around nice people in the community. There are a few tourist attractions that the public loves to gather around and look it, such as The Confederate Statue. Located in the Coastal Plains of North Carolina.


Bertie was started in 1722 by two brothers of the last name "Bertie" which is where the county inherits its name. The county seat was made it 1766. First founded in a colony and not a state, yet remand its name. County Seat includes 8 people.
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There aren't many places to see in this small town. But, there are a few in which we can go see anytime. Such as the civil war monument, Peanut farms, hoggards saw mill, and Beutower school house
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The government consists of a city council, city manager, and a mayor. The amount of people on this city council is 4. The city manager is Ron Dean. The mayor is James Hoggard. Bertie is a peaceful place so they are doing there jobs very well.

Surrounding Counties.

The counties that border Bertie County, North Carolina are Martin county, Hertford County, and Washington County