By: Victor Reyes 3rd period

"Movie Moment", Conflict, and Exposition

The movie moment shows that Alec and Presto want it their way or no way.

Alec wasn't getting fed from his master right away, so he "destroyed" his act. The evidence is that throughout the whole show, they play cat and mouse. The type of conflict is Person vs. Person.

The characters are Alec: Witty and stubborn. Presto: Rude and just wants the show to go his way.

The setting is a magic show with a sellout crowd.

Rising Action: #1, #2, #3

Event 1: Alec wants the carrot

Event 2: Presto arrives onstage

Event 3: Presto is hoisted up into the ceiling from a rope.


Presto will die unless Alec does the mystifying hat trick.

Falling Action: #1 and #2

Event 1: The audience applauses

Event 2: Alec walks away angry


Presto realized that the chasing made the show a success, and they both got what they wanted.